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Why joing a society?

There is no better way to make friends than to really get involved in student life at Aberystwyth. Team Aber has over 80 student led societies waiting for you to get involved, covering a wide range of categories:

  • Academic & Careers
  • Film, Media, Literature & Fandom
  • Gaming, Lifestyle & Interest
  • Politics, Campaigns & Charity
  • Faith & Culture
  • Performance, Music & Dance

Can’t find a society meeting your interest? Start your own!
Alternatively, check out our list of societies that need a committee.

Societies are a brilliant way to meet people with the same interests as yourself, make friends and try something new; all alongside developing your employability and enhancing your University experience.


Join Societies

To join societies you will need to buy Team Aber Insurance for an annual fee of £4. Once you have this you can join as many societies and sports clubs as you wish.

Each society decides their own membership charges, some societies are free and others will ask you to pay a fee - please see the individual society page for more details. Joining fees will cover basic membership to the society, but you may be asked to contribute towards additional costs such as trips, personal equipment, and transport during the year.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact:


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