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Societies and Volunteering Projects are a brilliant way to meet people with the same interests as yourself, make friends and try something new; all alongside developing your employability and enhancing your University experience.

To join societies you will need to buy Team Aber Insurance. This is a one-off annual fee of £6, which gives each student personal insurance for any Undeb Aber activity. Once you've paid this, you're able to take part in as many clubs and societies as you want. Find your #TeamAber community by going to our list of Sports Clubs and Societies. Volunteering Projects do not require Team Aber Insurance as this is included when you register with them to volunteer.

Please see the individual society pages for more details on membership fees. Membership fees will cover basic membership to the society, but you may be asked to contribute towards additional costs such as trips, personal equipment, and transport during the year.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact:

  Societies & Volunteering Coordinator
Tom Morrissey //
  Student Opportunities Officer
Tiff McWilliams

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