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The best place for rock, metal and alternative music in Aber! A place for listeners of all alternative genres to meet and enjoy Aberystwyth with gigs, weekly nights out and everything else!



RocSoc is Aberystwyth's definitive home of rock, metal and alternative music. You can find us every Tuesday during term time (excluding exam periods), from 9-11pm in the Coopers Arms, and 11pm-late in the Angel Inn backroom. Every week we offer up a place for all rock fans in Aber to enjoy a variety of rock and alternative music, anything from Slipknot and Tool to My Chemical Romance and Against Me!, with some nights geared towards specific genres, and others a mix for everyone to enjoy! Not to mention our request weeks, where those with paid memberships can enjoy requesting three songs of their own choice to be played at the social, so you can introduce everyone to your favourite niche bands, or get us to play your go-to classics!

We also host gigs each academic term, a newly restarted tradition after the pandemic put live music to a halt.


You can expect the year to open out with our Freshers Pub Crawl, an annual tradition that sees members new and old trek around the town, visiting pubs before finishing the night with some great music in our home of The Angel. We also have a Fresher's gig, seeing some wonderful bands playing just for RocSoc in the Coopers Arms.

Throughout the year, you can expect regular request nights and themed events, including our much-loved Halloween pub crawl, and multiple gigs each semester. We'll also be introducing 'sober socials' this year, not to replace the Tuesday night socials, but to give RocSoc members more socials, but without the expectation of alcohol. 


Our membership costs just £4, and for that price you'll recieve discounted entry to all gigs hosted by RocSoc throughout the academic year, a discount on any other paid-entry RocSoc events, and the ability to make requests at our request nights.

Being a member will also entitle you to requests for our requests nights! Do you want to show your fellow members that niche cover band you found at 4am? Anything that is remotely Rock, Metal or Alternative is fair game, so go nuts!


RocSoc treats the equality and inclusion of all members with the utmost importance. RocSoc has always been run by Students from all walks of life. It is one of our firm beliefs that music can be enjoyed by all and that every student is welcome at RocSoc, regardless of:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Ability
  • Culture or Nationality
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity or expression
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • Marital Status

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For sensitive matters, please contact the president via email or contact the SU directly.

2023-24 Committee

Kassian Wynne (he/they) - President - kaw88

Ember Searson (they/he) - Secretary - ems61

Clarissa Catherall (she/her) - Treasurer - rhc29

Tyrin Payne (they/them) - Advertising & PR - top32


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