Aber Exam Destress

Exam and assessment periods can often be a hectic period for many students with examinations and assessment deadlines a recipe for potential overload.

This year the University and Students’ Union are working in partnership with events and activities to support you during exam and assessment periods.

We also want to make sure you get the support you need during the period, so don’t be afraid to check out the information at the end of this page to useful support services and tips.

The table below highlights a range of events and activities.

While we’ve confirmed as many activities and events as possible, we’re still finalising a couple of details so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Good luck from everyone at AberSU!

Image showing destress calendar

Support Services

As well as activities and events, we want to remind you of some of the support services avalaible should you need them during what can often be a stressful period.


AberSU Advice Service

Telephone: 01970 621700

Email: union.advice@aber.ac.uk

Student Support

Telephone: 01970 621761 / 622087

Email: student-support@aber.ac.uk


Telephone: 01970 622378

Email: careers@aber.ac.uk


Don’t forget there a range of roles across campus that can offer advice and support should you need it including student mentors, personal tutors and staff in your department.

Exam and Revision Tips

We asked our officer team if they had any useful tips for students during the exam period - here's what they said!

Aaron, Disabled Students’ Officer:

  • Talk to someone and take your mind off of it.
  • Make sure you schedule in regular breaks.
  • Try to still have a social life. Stress gets even worse when you’re not seeing your friends.

Asif, Postgraduate Students’ Officer:

  • Contact the Students' Union when have any issue
  • Focus on studies but also socialise yourself with different people
  • Explore the beauty of Wales

James, Environment and Sustainability Officer:

  • Grab your coat and ideally a friend (though it is optional)
  • Go to Coffee One, Hot chocolate. (You may thank me later)

Jamie, Mature Students’ Officer:

  • Choose modules that don’t have paper exams.
  • If exam stress is weighing you down explore avenues of practical learning best demonstrate your unique skills and abilities.

Karolina, International Students’ Officer:

  • Study in a group, it makes it more fun and relaxed.
  • Go for walks, to the beach, forest.
  • Talk about your anxieties to people, officers, advisors, friends, just let it out, you’re not alone!

Natasha, Senedd Chair:

  • Make a study schedule incorporating several styles of revision e.g. textbooks and revision videos.
  • In addition, self-care is equally important e.g. having proper sleep and nutrition.
  • Finally, take time to relax e.g. do some yoga or watch a movie.

Sam, Independent Students’ Officer:

  • It’s okay to have a sneaky cry every now and then.
  • Get an exam buddy, they keep you motivated and make it all a bit less dull.

Sophie, Women’s Officer:

  • Always plan ahead and try to stick to the plan- it makes revision seem much less daunting!
  • Allow yourself to take time away from revision- brain breaks can do wonders.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it :)

Steve, LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer:

  • Be Prepared. Write a revision schedule. Make notes in lectures and keep them safe for later use.
  • Stay Calm. Worrying doesn’t solve anything and takes time away from solving the problem.
  • Work with your classmates. You’ll probably all have difficulties with different parts of it and will be able to help each other figure things out.

Dhan, Faculty Rep:

  • Look after yourself (Eat and Rest well)
  • Plan out your revision (Stay on top of the work)
  • Make sure to take breaks so that you can see friends and unwind

Joao, Faculty Rep:

  • Stop saying you need to revise and go and do something completely unrelated to allow the info to consolidate!!!!
  • Don’t keep thinking about exams! It's first year!
  • Talk to your friends! They're also worried!

Roisin, Faculty Rep:

  • Always Remember All you can do is your BEST.
  • Put a sweet in random pages that way when you get to that page you get a treat for studying hard.
  • Print out past exam papers and answer the question as if you are in an exam, read through your answers after and see if you got the information needed by reading the topic.

Troy, Faculty Rep:

  • Take breaks
  • Don’t do an all nighter
  • Exercise