Aber Exam Destress

Exam and assessment periods can often be a hectic period for many students with examinations and assessment deadlines a recipe for potential overload.

This year the University and Students’ Union are working in partnership with events and activities to support you during exam and assessment periods.

We also want to make sure you get the support you need during the period, so don’t be afraid to check out the information at the end of this page to useful support services and revision tips articles.

The link below highlights a range of events and activities.

While we’ve confirmed as many activities and events as possible, we’re still finalising a couple of details so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Good luck from everyone at AberSU!

*Click on the image to enlarge the timetable

Support services

As well as listing various events and activities during this period we want to remind you of some of the support services available should you need them during what is often a hectic period.


Student Support

Telephone: 01970 621761 / 622087

Email: student-support@aber.ac.uk


Telephone: 01970 622378

Email: careers@aber.ac.uk

AberSU Advice Service

Telephone: 01970 621700

Email: union.advice@aber.ac.uk


Don’t forget there are also a range of roles across campus that can offer a useful word of advice or support you during exam and assessment periods including student mentors, personal tutors and staff in your department.