Your Ideas

Do you have an Idea of something you would like to change at the Union?

AberSU is completely student led – from the officers who are elected to shape our work, to the feedback and ideas from students that grow to from our policies, campaigns and values.

Telling us about your Idea is easy! You can use the form at the bottom of this page to tell us a bit more about it.

Live Ideas


What is an Idea?


An Idea is what we call a submission from any student that asks AberSU to:

  • Start a new activity
  • Stop or change a current activity
  • Adopt or change a stance
  • Update or change current Policy

…and much more! An Idea could be anything, as long as it effects Aberystwyth Students.

What happens next depends on your Idea. Once Ideas are submitted they will follow one of the following paths:

  • Is there a ‘Quick Fix’?
  • Zones
  • Senedd


Is there a ‘Quick Fix’?


Sometimes we get an idea that has easy solutions and no opposition.

A few examples could include:

  • Ideas that have no major political or financial implications.
  • Requests to change the way we present certain information, or to make more information available e.g. website resources
  • A simple request to make a small change to the building e.g. signage
  • A request that doesn’t relate directly to AberSU, but we can raise the issue in relevant committees with the University e.g. changes to commercial services

Of course there won’t be a ‘quick fix’ for every idea, and we will always work with the submitter to ensure they are happy with the outcomes.

If your Idea has a quick fix, we will be in touch to let you know what we can do!




If you have an Idea but want more feedback, personal experiences or information then it may be worth discussing in a Zone. Zones, which include Academic, Wellbeing, Welsh Culture and Sports and Societies, will have a range of attendees who can:

  • Provide feedback on the idea from a range of student groups
  • Suggest wording and improvements for Ideas
  • Help provide facts and personal experiences relevant to the idea
  • Identify how the outcomes of the Idea would have a positive effect

If your Idea is submitted to a Zone, you will be invited to present it as a discussion topic at the following meeting. Zones are always scheduled before the deadline for Ideas for the following Senedd.




Senedd is the highest decision-making body at AberSU and it is made up of elected representatives that review and debate Ideas. They have the power to vote these Ideas into Policies which last 3 years. Additionally, once a year we hold The Big Meeting (Annual General Meeting), which opens this opportunity up to all students and holds the same powers as Senedd.

Approved Ideas are published before the meeting, and any student can submit an amendment. In the meeting, Ideas and amendments are debated before Senedd members vote on whether to pass them.

If your Idea is approved for Senedd, you will be invited to present it at the next meeting following this order of debate:

  • Up to 3 minutes from the submitter followed by questions.
  • A period of discussion will be allocated to allow attendees in groups to share views
  • Open debate where the Chair selects speakers and maintains balance.
  • A speech summarising the Idea.
  • After the summation speech on the idea, a vote on that Idea shall be held immediately. Members also have the option to initiate an ‘All Student Vote’.

For more information on this process see our constitution here.

Every Idea passed into Policy by Senedd is presented to the Board of Trustees, who ensure they are compliant with the law and our charitable objectives.




Read more about our Policies passed by Senedd here.

Once your Idea becomes a Policy, the SU will initiate planning and delivery to achieve the best possible outcomes. Where possible, we encourage the original submitter to lead on the work with the support of officers and staff.


What is an All Student Vote?


An All Student Vote is used as a mechanism when a decision is of too much importance of controversy to be decided by Senedd, the Officer team or Trustee Board.

An All Student Vote can be called by:

  • a motion passed by a majority of the Trustee Board;
  • a majority vote of a Senedd, AGM, or Special General Meeting
  • a secure petition of 250 ordinary members (including student number) submitted to the Chair of Trustees Constitution

There is a minimum number of votes needed to be quorate (accepted as a passed motion) of 500 votes.

These can also be used as a call for a vote of No Confidence in a Full-time, Volunteer Officer and External/student trustee member.

For more information about an All Student Vote, email


Sharing an Idea 

Ideas come in in all shapes and sizes! If you have an Idea for a ‘quick fix’, you may only need to let us know in a couple of sentences, whereas some Ideas end up as policies that can be a few pages long!

Follow the guidance below when filling in the form, especially when hoping to present the Idea as a possible Policy. Remember we have staff on hand to help whether it is supporting you to write an Idea or working with you to achieve a successful outcome after submission.

If you would like to discuss your Idea before submitting, get in touch.



How to write an Idea for Senedd


Title - A short and simple title that clearly describes the Idea.

Simple Catchy Short Popular Punchy Clever Memorable Pun Clear Concise Relevant

The Full Details - This describes what the Idea is all about and what it would achieve. Details should include information from these two groups:

What is the current situation?

  • What are the Facts?
  • Is there any research or statistics to support you idea?
  • How does it effect Aberystwyth University Students?

What are the Solutions?

  • What actions can AberSU take?
  • What current Policy will be affected and need updating?
  • What outcomes are desired?

Summary - Summarise your idea in one simple sentence that encapsulates what your idea will achieve.

Which Officer Should be Responsible - You can choose the most relevant officer to be responsible for your Idea and it will form part of the work for the role for up to 3 years if passed.

Remember the most important thing is we hear what you care about! Don’t let the process of filling out the form put you off – we can always organise a meeting to chat through your submission in more detail to make sure it is appropriate for Senedd.


 (Please download and edit the form. Do not use the online form) Share an Idea Form

 (Please download and edit the form. Do not use the online form) Share an Amendment Form

 Submit Now: Email suvoice’ using Subject: "Policy Idea".