AberSU is run by students and the Annual General Meeting and Council are your chance to bring forward ideas for change!

  • Council - 03/04/17, 6pm
  • Idea Deadline - 27/03/17, 12noon
  • Ammendments to Ideas Deadline - 31/03/17, 3pm

The full details of the upcoming Council can be found here

If you wish to make an amendment to any of the ideas you can do so here



As a member of AberSU your views and opinions count and we believe that all of your voices are equal. That’s why we love to give you opportunities to represent others, set policy and get involved in changing Aber for the better.

As you’ve probably guessed, democracy is a big thing for us, but we appreciate it isn’t always the easiest thing to understand. Whether you want to submit an Idea about freeing up Wednesdays or simply ask the Officers to campaign for more computers on campus, we’d love to hear from you!

For more information contact our Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator Chris Parry: