Welsh Community

Here at AberSU we Caru Cymraeg! Choosing Aberystwyth means you probably do too, so whether you’re here to connect with other Welsh speakers or want to learn more about the language and culture we’ll be sure to have something to help.

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Aberystwyth Welsh Students’ Union - Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Aberystwyth (UMCA)

UMCA has a rich history of community, representation and culture thats spans nearly 50 years, although some of our groups have been going much longer!

Led by the Welsh Culture Officer and UMCA President with support from SU staff, UMCA represents students at the highest University committees, provides a calendar full of activities for Welsh speakers and learners, and works to ensure access to Welsh medium education and opportunities. 

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Language and Culture

Language and Culture


Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe and today has nearly 900,000 speakers. Thanks to several generations of campaigns to protect it, Welsh laws exist to ensure access to education, services and communities through the medium of Welsh. This is important because for many people, Welsh is the first language they learn at home, what they use to speak at school, with family and friends and at work.

Living in Welsh

Welsh speakers at Aberystwyth have the right to most University services through Welsh as highlighted by the #MAEGENIHAWL (I have the right) campaign. 

UMCA runs a very busy calendar of events each year to offer Welsh students the opportunity to socialise through Welsh.

Both the Students' Union and University have strict bilingual policies, and put significant resources into ensuring our campus, communications and conversations highlight the language, and use it proudly.

Aberystwyth's Welsh Halls of Residence, Pantycelyn, is at the heart of the Welsh community and all it's occupants are Welsh speakers, or dedicated learners. Pantycelyn offers a range of modern and contemporary spaces for university life, including rooms for study, rehearsal, meetings, or relaxation.

To book a room go to: ystafellaberrooms.simplybook.it

or for more information visit: www.abersu.co.uk/teamaber/welshcommunity/pantycelyn/

Learning the Language

Whilst UMCA exists to provide a community to allow students to live through Welsh, we also strive to be inclusive and welcome anyone who's interested in learning to take part. 

There are several options available to Aberystwyth students to learn Welsh for free, as well as many language learning apps that you can use to practice. 

For more information about Welsh lessons, contact learnwelsh@aber.ac.uk or visit learnwelsh.cymru

Sports, Art and Entertainment

Welsh doesn't just apply to a launguage - it's a culture! Wales has a strong affinity with the arts, sports and entertainment, and hosts unique celebrations accross the year.

Artists of all kinds take part each year in one of many local, or the National Eisteddfod - a Welsh word that describes a festival celebrating our poetry and music. The word loosley translates as 'To sit and be'. Aberystwyth students take part in the national youth Eisteddfod each year, aswell as the Intercollegiate Eisteddfod. 

Wales is renowned world wide for our skills on the Rugby pitch and matches can pull huge crowds of supporters. There are still several Welsh sports groups that meet and play, most of which pre-date the SU itself!

In and around Aber

You don't have to look far in Aber to find a few slices of Welsh Culture and History. Aberystwyth Castle sits between two beautiful victorian style beaches. Constitution Hill and the Royal Pier are landmarks to our history too, and the formation of the University College of Wales in the Old College 150 years ago is rich with tales of the Welsh community coming together to fund and build the iconcic institution that gave rise to most of the Universities in Wales today. 

Aberystwyth is perfectly siutated to visit different parts of Wales. Short trips can take you to some beautiful beaches (ynyslas sands) and country-side spots, whilst connections further north give way to the beautiful Snowdonia mountains and iconic Welsh villages. The  road south (eventually) leads to the capital city of Cardiff - a modern metropolis with world famous entertainment production, sports and even hosting our own government. 




UMCA hosts numerous events accross the year that celebrate Wales and Welsh. 


Swn (Welsh for sound/noise and pronounced like 'soon') is a monthly Welsh music and social night for Welsh speaking students and learners. It's the perfect opportunity to experience Welsh culture and music, as well as meeting other students. Alongside each Swn you'll find a quieter Learners' Lounge where you can practice and learn a few more phrases or words. 

Cyf Cyff UMCA

Cyf Cyff is short for Cyfarfod Cyffredinol (General Meetings), and they are regularly organised to allow Welsh students and learners to learn about and take part in activites, as well as providing an opportunity to raise ideas and make their voice heard.

Welsh Week

Starting on 1st March, the day of our patron Saint David, Wales celebrates it's national identity. Keep an eye out for free Welsh cakes on campus! Aberystwyth town hosts a large parade on the weekend. 

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