Policy sets out what AberSU believes and works on; submitted as an idea it is then discussed by Senedd where it can either be passed or sent forward to be voted on by all Aberystwyth students in an All Student Vote.

Passed policy will remain active for up to three years unless it is completed, amended or renewed.

Governing Documents - Constitution


  • Short and simply, our Rulebook.
  • The Constitution consists of a main document, supplemented by Schedules and Bye-Laws that go into more detail for specific areas of operation e.g. Council and Elections.
  • Any part of these documents can be amended by submission of an Idea to Council.
You can learn more about our Constitution and how it shapes our work in the constitution section of our website.


General Policy


General Policy governs the shorter term activities of AberSU including Officer activities and campaigns.

  • Our Policy is living – we always work on active policy and encourage students to regularly review and hold us accountable for acting on our Policies.
  • Policies originate as ‘Ideas’ which are passed by elected students at Council and will remain active for up to three years unless it is completed, amended or renewed. Some Policies are passed when Council refers the Idea to an All Student Vote.
  • Policies can include appendixes or documents that provide more detailed information e.g. Sexual Harassment or Bilingual Policy Documents.
  • General Policy cannot override the law and should align with our charitable objectives. The duty to ensure that this is the case falls to our Board of Trustees.

A large part of what the SU and our Officers do includes ensuring Policies are completed or upheld. You can read more about some of the campaigns shaped by Policies here. Our campaigns, research and policy advance the education of Aberystwyth students and ensure their views are heard and taken seriously on campus, in Aberystwyth and across Wales.

We work with students, the University and organisations both locally and nationally to create positive change. If you have a great idea, read what it takes to get it passed into policy here.

Current Policy  

The table below includes a full list of policies, and is updated with policy passed at Senedd once it has been approved at Trustee Board.

If you would like a copy of current policies, or would like to discuss a specific policy please get in touch!

  Campaigns and Democracy        Coordinator
  Al Rhodes 

Your Full Time Officers