Bring Back RAG Charity/ies

Passed by: Senedd

Passed On: 05/12/2022

Policy lapses: 05/12/2025

Status: Completed 

Officer Responsible: Opportunities Officer


Raising and Giving - take it back now y'all.



In 2020, a policy was passed to create a RAG Wellbeing Fund 'to go towards the wellbeing of all Aber students'. Since its creation, it has raised over £2500 (tbc). The monies in this fund have yet to be touched.

As an SU we promise to be a positive influence and raising money for good causes can be part of that. The money in the RAG Wellbeing fund needs to be spent rather than building up in an untouched pot.

To combat this, I propose that we begin discussions about how we spend our fund and revert back to fundraising for a student voted Charity/ies of the Year.

The RAG Wellbeing Fund policy still has one year remaining but as we bring back prioritising RAG this year, I believe that now is the perfect time for a revamp

Submitted by: Rachel Barwise

Actions List

Action Taken Name and Role Date
The charity the Students voted for during the Welcome Week fair for this academic year is the Welsh Air ambulance. Tiff, Opportunities officer 2023-2024 October 2023


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