Replace the Statue of Edward VIII

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 30/10/2023

Policy lapses: 30/10/2026

Status: We are Working On it

Officer Responsible: Union President


Should the Union help campaign for the University to take down the statue of King Edward VIII and replace it with someone better?


Outside Old College there is a statue of King Edward VIII, the Nazi-sympathiser who abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson.

Given the Royal Family ostracised him and it's the only statue in the UK of him, it's high time the students began a campaigned to remove it and replace it either with Charles III (who learnt Welsh at Aber) or someone just not a Nazi.

First, the SU endorsing a policy of change for the statue and issuing a statement against its continued existence.

Then sustained internal & external pressure on the University to remove it. Make a bold statement each time the University refuses, invite the Cambrian Times get the local community discussing about who to replace it, etc.

Presented By: Dylan Grant

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Ash Sturrock 

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Bayanda Vundamina

Union President