Improve Welsh Language Provision in Modules

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 01/11/2021

Policy lapses: 01/11/2024

Status: We are Working on it. 

Officer Responsible: Welsh Culture Officer and UMCA President


Improve the provision of Welsh language and translation services in Welsh language modules.



As UMCA President and Wellbeing Officer one of my priorities for the year is to improve Welsh Language provision in Modules however i don't feel like this is something that can be resolved in a year alone therefor i think it's worth making this a policy so that future UMCA Presidents can proceed with this work once I've left. The aim is to create and promote an online reporting system for Welsh medium courses which have untranslated English only lectures and materials. Actively contact Welsh language students to identify Welsh medium courses which have untranslated English only lectures and materials. Develop strong working relationship with Welsh Academic Representatives and promote the purpose of their role to Welsh language students and organise meetings with relevant university staff to explain the difficulties for students having to translate lectures in modules advertised as Welsh medium courses.

Submitted by: Mared Edwards

Actions List

Action Taken Name and Role Date
Welsh Culture and UMCA President (2023-24) Elain raised this with Coleg Cymraeg meeting and is working with key staff. Currently she is concerned that the University might look to reduce these going forwards. Elain (Welsh Culture and UMCA President 2023-24) November 2023

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Ash Sturrock 

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Elain Gwynedd 

Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President