Should Aberystwyth Students’ Union change its name and be recognized as Undeb Aberystwyth?

Passed by: The Big Meeting

Passed on: 04/03/2024

Policy lapses: 04/03/2027

Status: We are Working on it

Officer Responsible: Welsh Culture and UMCA President


Show that we love the Welsh language by using the Welsh name for the Union here in Aberystwyth.



Should Aberystwyth Students’ Union change its name and be recognized as Undeb Aberystwyth? Here is my question for you. In my opinion there is a tendency to use the English name, Aberystwyth Students Union more often that the Welsh and this does not reflect the Welsh identity of the Union.

Since being in my position as Welsh Culture and UMCA President, I have had several people claim that Bangor is the ‘University of Welsh’ in Wales, and although I obviously disagree completly with this there is one thing stands out to me, namely their monolingual Welsh name for the Union. The decision was an internal one in Bangor, but I think it is important to take into account the voice of the students in a decision like this, also considering that there will be a small cost as a result of the change.

In addition, one of our values here at the Union is to CARU'R GYMRAEG and what better way to convey that than by changing the Unions name to Undeb Aberystwyth, which is a bit less of a mouthful than the Aberystwyth Students Union.

There is also a tendency for some to refer to the Students’ Union as the English Union and then UMCA as the Welsh Union, and my hope by changing the name is to highlight the Union’s commitment towards the Welsh language. This change will also show the University that the status of the Welsh language is important to students.

There are several examples of where using the Welsh name has made a difference for example: FAW Cymru, Bannau Brycheiniog a'r Wyddfa.

This is an opportunity to ensure that people use the Welsh language not only here in Aberystwyth but also internationally.


Submitted By: Elain Gwynedd

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