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Thu 12 Jan 2017

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We're a Students’ Union representing over 8,000 students at Aberystwyth University. By providing opportunities, helping to create change and offering support, we're here to help students enhance their time at University and to achieve their full potential.

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Menstruation is no joke, period.

I’ll start this off by apologising for the terrible puns that feature in this blog, I just can’t help myself! However, all jokes aside, it’s time to have a serious talk about periods. It’s a taboo topic that many people shy away from discussing, but why? Menstruation is a natural process that happens to people every month, and it’s about time that we got bloody serious about it.

Tithe and Capitular fund: why you should get applying now!

When I was coming to the end of my first year back in 2014, I realised that the summer was looming and I had no plans with what to do with my time. I knew that I wanted to do something exciting with my time, something that was adventurous yet rewarding, so I began looking at different volunteering opportunities abroad.

Lleol campaign blog

During May this year, the LLEOL campaign will be under way. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage students to shop locally, and to show the benefits of doing so.


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