An Evening for Palestine | Gaza Charity Dinner
2nd March 5pm - 9pm
Medrus Mawr
Presentations Social
2nd March 7pm - 10pm
Pantycelyn: Lolfa Fach
Come join us for Presentations Night!
Party Game Sundays
3rd March 1pm - 7pm
White Horse
A PGS social repeating every Sunday, where we meet up and play party games at the White Horse.
Weekly Chill
3rd March 4pm - 6pm
SU Picture House
Join us for a relaxed afternoon of getting to know each other, watching your favourite MV's, crafts, quizzes, and more!
Meet Your Vice Chancellor: Jon Timmis
4th March 5:15pm - 6pm
AberSU Main Room
The Big Meeting
4th March 6pm - 8pm
SU Mainroom
Strength and Conditioning Session
5th March 6pm - 7pm
SU Main Room
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Weekly Cocktail Society Social
5th March 8:30pm - 11pm
usually starting in Ty Seidr
Our weekly themed socials are always fun - make sure you check our instagram for more details - @abercocktailsociety
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