Academic Affairs

Anna Simpkins (she/her) - Academic Affairs

“Anna is the student voice for all things academic”

Her role focuses on promoting our students’ academic interests.


About the Role:


The Academic Affairs Officer is responsible for:

  • Representing the student body on matters relating to academic affairs, including international and postgraduate students, and widening participation.
  • Co-ordinating activity and campaigns relating to academic affairs.
  • Informing policy within the University and Students’ Union on matters relating to academic affairs.
  • Supporting and developing a network of academic representatives by chairing the Academic Zone.
  • Working with the Chief Executive, Officers and AberSU’s senior management team to achieve and shape strategic aims and outcomes.
  • Attending appropriate University Committees.
  • Attending regular meetings with relevant University departments to further the development of academic interests.


University Committees/Meetings Attended:


  • University Senate
  • Academic Board
  • Research Board
  • Student Experience Committee
  • Research Degrees Committee
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Committee
  • Collaborative Provision Board
  • Faculty Academic Affairs Committees
  • Student Voice Working Group
  • Attendance Monitoring Working Group
  • Personal Tutor Working Group
  • Assessment and Feedback Working Group
  • Academic Regulations Due to Coronavirus Working Group


Current Priorities:

Below you can find a list of priorities Anna is working on this year as well as her current progress on them.

To create an inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiverse students

Encouraging student participation in the practical use of generative AI in university assessment and learning processes.



The University and AberSU should suspend their banking with fossil fuel investment banks and switch to a more ethical, green bank instead. *


Assignment Grace Period and Penalties. *


AberSU should lobby Aberystwyth University to permanently introduce a self-certification approach to Special Circumstances and Extension requests. *


Should AberSU reduce the number of Faculty Officers? *


Introduce a No Confidence Vote for Academic Representatives and Sports and Society Committee members. *


Allow us to add our own events to our timetables to help us organise what work we are doing and when. *


*denotes policy as passed democratically by Aberystwyth students. Find out more here.