Hannah Lunnon (she/her) - Wellbeing

“Hannah is the voice for student wellbeing and liberation”

Her role focuses on making sure our students are as happy and healthy as possible.

E-mail: suwellbeing@aber.ac.uk

About the Role:


The Wellbeing officer is responsible for:

  • Representing the student body on matters relating to wellbeing, including student support, welfare, equality and diversity.
  • Co-ordinating activity and campaigns relating to student wellbeing.
  • Informing policy within the University and Students’ Union on matters relating to student wellbeing.
  • Supporting and developing a network of students on wellbeing matters by chairing the Wellbeing Zone.
  • Working with the Chief Executive Officers and AUSU’s senior management team to achieve and shape strategic aims and outcomes.
  • Attending appropriate University Committees.
  • Attending regular meetings with relevant University departments to further the development of student wellbeing.


University Committees/Meetings Attended:


  • Student Experience Committee
  • Accessible Aber
  • Equality Champions
  • Peer Guide Network Meeting
  • Department Disability Coordinators Meeting
  • Drug and Alcohol Strategy Group Meeting
  • Trans Implementation Policy Group
  • Attendance Monitoring Group
  • Plastic Free Aberystwyth University Meeting



Current Priorities:

Below you can find a list of priorities Hannah is working on this year as well as her current progress on them.


Help ensure the safety and protection of women students in Aberystwyth

  • Organise and promote a range of activities with local services to educate students on sexual harassment
  • Create ‘Break-Away Training’ videos
  • Implement online Consent training


Highlight and acknowledge the importance of men’s mental health

  • Develop and promote workshops supporting men with their mental health
  • Collaborate with Welsh Culture and UMCA President to encourage conversations with Welsh language students who identify as men


Support improved wellbeing on campus

  • Outdoor water fountains on campus
  • Publicity of healthier food options by the Union and University
  • Free fruit stations


Work with the University to lobby Hywel Dda University Health Board to improve healthcare pathways for trans students. *


Support student sex workers by lobbying the Government for the decriminalisation of sex work, as well as identifying and contacting nearby support groups for student sex workers. *


Lobby the University to provide compulsory consent training for all students. *


Actively stand alongside the Protest against ban of abortion in Poland. *



*denotes policy as passed democratically by Aberystwyth students. Find out more here.

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