Academic Representatives & Faculty Officers

Academic Representatives and Faculty Officers are students who have been chosen as the best person to speak on behalf of other students. They are important roles which gives students the opportunity to raise feedback and work with University staff to help make your time at Aberystwyth the best is can possibly be! 

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What our reps say about their role...

Jenny, History Rep: “To be a rep is an amazing opportunity to be able to improve the student experience, not only for current students but future ones as well. Communicating where the student body can see ideas for improvement and continuation, and seeing those things come to life, is amazing.

Kate, Media and Communications Rep: "I have been an academic rep for my course for the 3 years of my degree and have enjoyed every aspect of this role. It has given me the chance to get to know both my lectures and other students in a more positive way, and allowed me to help within the department to make sure everyone's voices are being heard. It has been a pleasure to represent my course I this way and has given me confidence to communicate more effectively between peers and tutors."

Kim, Joint Honours Rep: "As an academic rep, I have been able to expand upon my communication skills, liaising with fellow academic reps and member of staff at gatherings throughout the year, such as SSCC meetings and departmental meetings, in order to effectively communicate any areas that could be changed or improved. This is also an excellent opportunity to get more involved with the peers you're representing as you're able to represent their thoughts and concerns and feed back to them progress that is made."


Need help?

You can get in touch with our Academic Representation Coordinator, Amy - 

You can also contact our Academic Affairs Officer, Elizabeth by emailing - 



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