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The Resource Hub is your go to place for resources and information to support you in your role, click on a section/link below to open it up for more information.

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Rep Email


To support you in contacting the students you represent we have set up ‘Rep Emails’ for all elected academic reps. To activate and access the email you need to complete our ‘Email Agreement’ here (will need to be completed each academic year)

Using your Rep Email

  • Rep emails use the following format:, where ‘abc123’ is your university username
  • To email students all you need to do is add it in the “to” field when sending your email

Please note…

  • No one else will be able to use your list as we use your username to ensure it’s only you that has permission.
  • Students can reply directly to the emails you send, you will know the email has worked as you should also receive the email into your inbox.
  • Some of you have the same role and therefore your email will be set-up to allow you to contact the same cohort of students. As such, please remember to coordinate with each other when sending email.
  • By using the rep email you are bound by the Union’s Data Protection Statement and Policy, along with the University’s Email Policy.

Please go ahead and use the email to introduce yourself to your cohort and once you’ve gone through the training start collecting feedback.









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