Housing and Accommodation

The Advice Service provides information, advice and support on all aspects of housing in university accommodation and the private sector.

We can advise you on various aspects whether it’s searching for a new place, reviewing contracts prior to signing, as well as common issues that can occur during a tenancy and when moving out.


Looking for accommodation?

Take a look at our AberSU Housing Guide which is designed to help you work out what you need to look for when looking for a property, what you need to know before you sign and how to go about getting the best from your home.



Take a look at this article full of Housing and Accomodation advice by Hannah (Wellbeing Officer) & Sabina (Union President), here

To get in touch, please contact us using one of the methods below:

Online: Using our enquiry form 

By Email: union.advice@aber.ac.uk

By Phone: 01970 621712