Trustee Board

Your Union is governed and strategically led by the Board of Trustees.  They are ultimately responsible for making sure that we operate in line with our charitable objectives.  AberSU Trustee Board is made up of 12 members and meets at least four times a year to carry out its business on behalf of you. You can read the minutes for each meeting at the bottom of this page.  The Board is made up of:

5 Full Time Officer Trustees

2 Student Trustees

5 External Trustees


Officer Trustees

Your Officer Trustees are the 5 elected officers who act as your key student representative and carry out specific roles and responsibilities on a day to day basis.  They are elected annually and are paid employees who can undertake this role by either taking a year out of study or upon completion of their studies. 

Bruce Wight (Chair of the Trustee Board)

Anna Wyn

Louisa Fletcher

Molly-Jean Longden

Meg Hatfield

Student Trustees

Your Student Trustees are elected students who take on this role on a voluntary basis and can serve up to two years.

Alice Raven - Undergraduate Trustee

Postgraduate Trustee post - Vacant

External Trustees

Ryan Beasley

Peter Curran

Olymbia Petrou

Alan Roberts

plus one vacant position

Minutes of Trustee Board

If there is a case where matters discussed are of a confidential nature, e.g. staffing, such matters will be recorded as a closed minute within the published minutes below:

2017/18 Academic Year

AberSU Annual Accounts

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