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This is your opportunity to speak up for your education. As an Academic Rep you will take an active lead to collect and voice student feedback to help make your University education the best it can be!


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Elections for our Academic Reps happen at 2 key points of the academic year…

Spring By-Elections: is for undergraduate students heading into 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year the coming September.

Autumn By-Elections: is for any vacant roles from the Spring By-Elections. Along with multi-year (e.g. join honours, Welsh medium), 1st year, postgraduate, and foundation roles.

Dates for these elections can be found here. Outside of these periods please contact our elections team on to find out how you can get involved.

How standing works:


Once standing has opened for any of our elections, you will have until the close of standing to tell us you wish to be a candidate for a role.


To stand for a role:

  1. Access the standing form at
  2. Choose a memorable username and password to register your ‘Candidate Profile’
  3. Complete the ‘Your Details’ section
  4. Select the role you want to stand for
  5. Click ‘Submit’ to confirm your registration

Once submitted you will have created a ‘Candidate Profile’ which you can access and edit. This will be open for changes right up to the close of standing.


To access your ‘Candidate Profile’ follow the below steps:

  1. Access your candidate profile at
  2. Input your memorable username and password
  3. Upload or amend your photo and publicity link
  4. Click ‘Submit’ to confirm your changes/updates


How voting works:


AberSU uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) to elect our student representatives. This basically means that each voter gets the chance to rank candidates in order they wish to see them elected – they will select numbers rather than just put a mark.

A winning candidate must receive a certain number of votes (known as quota) to be elected, which will change depending on the number of votes cast. This is in our opinion, the fairest method as it means candidates must have wide support to win.

All elections include RON (Re-Open Nominations) which allows students to make a positive vote, even if they don’t agree with the policies of any of the candidates standing. Although we would urge students to consider using this option carefully as it could leave the role vacant until another election is called.

Evidence from Aberystwyth and the experience from other Students’ Unions strongly suggest that the number of students voting in an election is heavily influenced by how candidates engage with voters and encourage them to vote.

Remember that for many students the act of voting is something we do at most one or two times a year, even for those of us who do it ‘regularly’ – consider how this has an impact on getting students to vote.

Students will be sent a unique voting link via their University Email to access voting; we also work with the University so this link displays when you log into the ApAber.

If you have any problems accessing voting email



Want to know more about being an Academic Rep?


What is an Academic Rep?

Academic Reps are students who collect feedback and speak on behalf of other students to help make your University education and experience the best it can be!

Academic Reps are elected to their role by students on their course, or in their department. This means they have been chosen as the best person to take a lead on voicing student feedback to staff within their department, the University or the Students’ Union.

The main way Academic Reps voice student feedback is by attending departmental Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCCs) which take place 3 times a year, but they can also work with their Faculty Rep and the SU Academic Affairs Officer to raise feedback.

What is their role?

An Academic Rep is a simple but important role, which on average takes up just 1-2 hours of your time per week!

The key commitments of an Academic Rep include:

  • Taking the lead on gathering feedback from students on your course or in your department.
  • Promote your role amongst students and make it clear how they can contact you.
  • Attend three departmental Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCCs) a year.
  • Tell students about any changes or improvements, to ensure that students know their feedback is valued and has been acted upon

Why should I become an Academic Rep?

We believe that the student voice matters most! We want to work with you to ensure students views, needs and concerns shape your Department, University and Students’ Union. By becoming an Academic Rep, you will have been elected by fellow students to be the best person to take a lead on voicing student view.

Top 5 reasons to become an Academic Rep:

  1. Make a difference at the University, enacting positive change
  2. Develop a range of skills from leadership and communication, to data collection and interpretation
  3. Strengthen your CV and provide tangible evidence of experince
  4. Network and connect with fellow students and staff
  5. Gain volunteer recognition through our Aber Award

What training and support is provided?

All Academic Reps are invited to attend a training session once elected to the role, this training expands upon what the role is and provides you with a solid foundation to get started in your role. Training is tailored to reps depending on whether they are a beginner or a returner. 

As well as training we will regularly contact you with relevant updates, information, and opportunities relating to your role – this will include the chance to attend regional and national conferences to meet reps from other institutions.

The Academic Affairs Officer and Academic Representation Coordinator are also on hand throughout the year to organise regular catch-ups, networking opportunities, additional training opportunities, and provide ongoing support should you need it.

  Academic Representation Coordinator
Tom -

  Academic Affairs Officer
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