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Aber SU student volunteers are amazing and we think you deserve recognition for all the time and effort you give up to benefit fellow students, the community and/or the environment.

The ABER AWARD is our way of celebrating your commitment to volunteering during your time here at Aberystwyth. We have 3 awards that you can work towards over the course of each academic year.


This year, volunteering hours will be counted from Monday 14th September 2020 to Monday 3rd May 2021.

Click Here For The Volunteer Hub

Working towards the Aber Award doesn’t just provide you with recognition, but it also allows you to keep track and reflect on your volunteering activities, hours and skills. It’s the understanding of how you develop and apply those all-important employability skills that will help strengthen your CV and prepare you for your next steps!

In addition, if you work towards the award, you will be invited to careers based skills sessions, and you will also receive a termly email to update you on your progress.

Everyone who reaches a milestone award will recieve a certificate which presented to you at the end of the Academic Year. You can watch last year's Award Presentations HERE.

How to work towards the Aber Award?
Working towards the Aber Award is easy, just follow these steps:

- Register as a volunteer
- Log into the Volunteer Hub
-Regularly record your hours, activities and skills

You are not restricted to logging hours from one role, so if you do a range of volunteering, then we encourage you to record everything you do! Just make sure to keep your log up to date!


What hours and activities can I log?
Any volunteering you do in Aberystwyth, during the Academic Year (September to May) can be recorded. Before receiving your award, all volunteer hours and skills are verified by a member of SU staff. It’s not just the hours we check, but it’s the skills too. Click on each of the roles to find out more about what activities you can record:

- Academic and Faculty Reps
- Clubs and Societies
- Volunteer Officers
- Student Reviewers
- Action Days or Community Volunteering



If you have any questions or want further information about the Aber Award, then email our Volunteer Coordinator Amy - alg51@aber.ac.uk 

Volunteer Hub - Logging Your Hours

You must be registered as a volunteer to log your hours. Here you’ll create a username and password used to access to the volunteer hub. Remember to frequently log your skills and hours!

(Unfortunately currently some versions of Safari on Apple devices are not fully supported. If you are having problems accessing or completing the form please use a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge).


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