We are delighted to announce the candidates standing in our 2024 Officer Elections and wish them all good luck with their campaigns! Voting opens 10am Monday 11th March until 12pm Friday 15th March 2024


Full Time Officers


Khalid Aslam     Bayanda Vundamina               Louise Tanner


Welsh Culture and UMCA President


Rhodri Lewis Elain Gwynedd



Academic Affairs Officer 

Ren Feldy Naomi Banister Will Parker



Wellbeing Officer

Emily Morgan Helen Cooper Holly Abbott Julia Venall



Opportunities Officer 

Kieran Norton-Walder Michelle Cullenaine Taaiyha Ahshok Kumar Tiff McWilliams


Volunteer Officers 

Welsh Lanuage Officer 

Beca Hughes



LGBTQ+ Students Officer 

Fresno Thomas Tristan Wood   



BAME Officer

Ifeyinwa Anaduaka



Women's Officer

Livvy Haggett



Disabled Student's Officer

Xavier Powley



International Students Officer

Alex Molotska Francesco Lanzi



Environment and Sustainability officer 

Dewi Price



Trans and GNC Studnet's Officer

Marty Fennell



Faculty of Buisiness and Physical Sciences Officer

Grzegorz Ciolek Millicent Hackett



Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences Officer

Jo Buys



Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Officer

Dylan Cashon Elijah O'Reilly Paxton Bastian




60 Second Summary


Your 2024 elections candidates have created 60-second summary's to help you decide who you would like to vote for! Want to find out about this years elections candidates in 60-seconds? Check out their 60-second summary's here