Elections Hub

The Election Hub is designed to provide you with everything you need to stand in the elections. Updated regularly it includes the ability to read through your candidate profile, make a complaint as well as factsheets and templates to help you plan your campaign and organise your campaigns team.

Election Complaints
AberSU Election Complaints Form

The basics…

Designed to provide you with everything you need to stand in the elections, whatever positions you are standing for. These resources are made available to all candidates, they include a guide to the elections process and the rules that are in place.

Candidates Guide 

Candidate Rules 

Candidates Briefing Presentation

Candidate Expenses Form

Candidate Diversity Data - Spring 2023 Elections

Candidate Diversity Data - Spring 2024 Elections

Guide to running an accessible campaign 

For those who want a bit extra…

Designed for those that may be looking for a bit of extra support with planning their campaign. These resources include templates, guides and useful information to support all candidates during the election process.

Whilst this information is more tailors towards our Full Time Officer elections, there is plenty of information in here that you may find useful!

Campaigning Guide

Campaign Team Planning Template (For more support for election campaigning, why not check out the SU Elections: Information session 'Election Campainging Top Tips' or check out our campaigns hub here.)

Campaign Poster Printing email 

SU Elections: Information Sessions

These sessions are put on for students who are considering running in the AberSU Elections. You do not need to have made up your mind, and by attending these sessions, you are not expected to run. These sessions are to give a bit more information about what the roles consist of and to support you in your election campaigining. 

If you have any questions about any of the sessions please emailelestaff@aber.ac.uk

Dates for this years sessons: 

Wondering how being an Officer might help your future career plans?

We interviewed some past Officer’s about where they are now! Check out their blogs below:

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Mared Edwards: Where are they now? 

Nate Pidcock: Where are they now? 

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Dave Stacey Where are they now? - Dave Stacey (abersu.co.uk)

Josephine Southwell-Sander Where are they now? Josephine Southwell-Sander (abersu.co.uk)

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Staff Resources...

Students' Union Election Guidance for Staff -- Spring Election 2024