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A campaign is about making tangible change within the Union, University or wider community. That change can be big or small – you just need to be passionate about making it. And we’re here to help.

Your Full Time Officers


Your Volunteer Officers 




All the things you'll need to kick start your campaign

Campaign Materials


We have a range of free materials available:

  • Paints / Paint Brushes / Paint Trays (range of colours)
  • Permanent Markers (range of colours)
  • Whiteboard Markers (range of colours)
  • PVA Glue
  • Giant Chalk (range of colours)
  • Megaphone
  • High Vis
  • Blue-Tac
  • String
  • Guillotine
  • Badge Making Equipment

To book email  with your name, campaign aim and date/time required.

For technical equipment e.g. projector or tablet you can hire from Information Services




We have dedicated staff support who deliver free training on campaigning, each session lasts up to one hour and can be delivered inperson or online.

  • Amplify your voice and create change: Campaign Training
  • Undeb Aberystwyth Democratic structures and Decision Making

To book a session email 




We have limited funds each year to support student led campaigns. To apply please fill in the form here



Event Planning:

As part of your campaign you may want to put on event(s), see our advice below.

Important Documents



Room / Facilities Booking


Union Rooms

For general enquiries or to book Union rooms email the Union Reception ( The rooms available and associated capacities in brackets are:

  • Main Room (dowload the booking form here) [78 when used as an activity space, or 500 when used as hospitality]
  • Picture House (No bookings before 4pm and only bookings that fit the layout) [36]
  • Meeting Rooms 1&4 [20] + 2&3 [8]

When booking please include the following details:

  • Your Campaign name
  • The room you want
  • The name and email of the person booking
  • Date and times you want the room
  • Your expected number of attendees
  • The purpose of your booking (e.g. social, movie night, games night, etc.)

Bookings will be available between 9am and 11pm Mon-Sat, and between 11am and 11pm Sunday for this term.

We also offer the opportunity for campaigners to host a stall in the union, usually students use this opportunity for fundraising activities (e.g. Bakesale). This can also be booked at Union Reception.


University Rooms and Arts Centre

The University has a wide range of rooms available to book, click here to see everything that is available.

The Arts Centre also has a range of spaces available for groups to use. Get in touch with the Arts Centre directly by emailing 




We operate as a charity which means we need to follow specfic guidence when fundraising for other charitable organisations, to find out more please email


  • Large donation buckets and small handheld tins available. To book email 
  • Sum-Up Card Reader which can take card payments via wifi. To book email 







If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator

Ash Sturrock