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In 2023 and 2024 Undeb Aberystwyth won an NUS Wales recognition award for our work on this Campaign.

SHAG WEEK – Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance

We have 4 main goals:

  • Students have sexual confidence and sexual health services are accessible when they need or want it. 
  • Students have a positive attitude towards sex.
  • Students are educated about how to have pleasurable and safe sex, if they are wanting to participate in it, particularly relating to STI’s and kink protection.
  • To be a trans, non-binary and LGBQUIA+ inclusive campaign.

Why is it important?

Sexual Health and wellbeing are just as important as physical and mental health but due to a stigma around shame and sex, it can be difficult to access help and support when you need it. When speaking to a student about the last time they had an STI screening they said, “Oh, I have never had one. It is just a bit embarrassing.” This is what we want to change with the SHAG campaign. We want students to be able to talk about sex without embarrassment, be confident in saying they may never want to have sex and be able to reach out and ask for help when needed. We want students to have confidence to talk about sex and reach out for help when needed. We want students to see sex as a positive, fun thing that they can enjoy safely. Prioritising and looking after sexual health can have so many positive impacts on both your physical and mental health. 

What can the Students Union offer?

Did you know that statistically 16–24-years have the highest chances of transmitting an STI? We want you to enjoy yourself, but we also want you to be safe. So, what do we provide?

  • Free condoms and lube can be picked up in our Underground next to the gender-neutral toilets.
  • Latex-free, flavoured condoms and pregnancy tests can be picked up from our Student Advisor (
  • To order free STI testing kits which you can do in the comfort of your own space check out Sexual Health Wales 


More Information on our events: 

Disability and Sex Workshop 

Aerial Fitness Body Confidence Session

"Come as you are" book club

DDAS Stall: Sex, Alchole and Drugs

Brooks Consent Moduel Workshop

Kink: Safety, Communication, and Consent

Cliterarty Workshop with Aber Crafts and Dizzy

LGBT+ Sexual Health Education See presentation here.

The Sexy Quiz

SVLO Drop in (All Week) 

The Wellbeing Officer and the Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator will also have a stall on Monday 13th November with information about local Sexual Health Services and Sexual Health Wales. 

Aber SU Resources Disability and Sex Workshop (2023)


How to Use Sexual Health Wales

Online free and discreate STI testing from your own home.

*Please not they have changed their name to Sexual Health Wales. In the video we refer to it as Frisky Wales as this was its name before.

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External Resources 


Information Graphics Lessons and Videos Contraception: how does it work 
Periods Big RSE Lession: LGBT+ History Progestogen-Only Pill
The LGBT+ ABC The Big Period Lesson The Combined Pill 
Puberty Big RSE Lesson: Breaking Barriers Contraception Implant
Contracption How to counter online misogyny in the classroom Contraception Patch 
STI's Coping with a break up.  Vaginal Ring
Abortion Lets talk about sex and social media Contracption Injection 
  Lets talk about sex and pleasure Internal Condoms
  Lets talk about sex and disability IUS and IUD
  Lets talk about sex and consent Diaphragms and Caps
    Emergency Contracption 


No matter your gender identity or sexuality, everyone should have access to free sexual health advice so that you can be educated in any type of sex you choose. Whether that is how to get tested for STI’s, learning how to have open conversations about sex, how to be safe and respectful, or understanding your body; we have found some extra resources that you can use for more information.

2022 Throwback




If you’d like to get involved or find out more email ...

  Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator

Wellbeing Officer
 Helen Cooper