Anti- Spiking

We are aware of a serious increase in instances of spiking across Aberystwyth and are taking action. We believe all students have the right to enjoy time with their friends without fear of being spiked.

This campaign has 2 aims:

  • Work with local venues to provide free materials to reduce instances of spiking such as drink covers
  • Provide educational materials on how to help someone that has been spiked and warnings not to spike people

Resources for Support

For support or if you would like to report a spiking incidence you can do this through Student Services:  Report and Support.

For more information and helpful resources, check out our Drugs and Alcohol Advice page

 If you have been spiked and are looking for additional wellbeing support you can contact our Advice Service or call 01970 621712



Want to find out more about the campaign? 


Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator

Wellbeing Officer
 Helen Cooper