Postgraduate Network

The Postgraduate Network was formed in September 2021 as a result of feedback from postgraduate students that they didn’t have a dedicated space to meet likeminded students. We recognise that the needs of postgraduate students are different to those of undergraduates.

The Network has 4 key aims:

  • Provide social spaces for postgraduates to meet each other and enjoy their time at Aber
  • Provide information on the role of the SU including relevant wellbeing resources
  • Run events / workshops focusing on the career and academic needs of postgraduate students
  • Provide a platform for postgrads to effectively feed into and influence the decision-making of AberSU

The Network is free to join and welcomes all postgraduates regardless of your course or year of study. Mature students are also welcome to attend all social events. We currently have 137 members.

Our past events:



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