Women's History Month


Every March we celebrate Womens History Month with International Women's Day being held on the 8th of March. We do this to honour all women and their contributions in hisotry and celebrate them in the modern day.

Reclaim the Night

We hold an annual Reclaim the Night March every year for International Womens Day. This is an empowering march but it is upsetting that this is something we still have to do.

Reclaim the Night is a movement that started in leeds in 1977 and is a march demanding that all women have the right to be able to move thoughout public spaces at night and feel safe. It has devleoped into fighting for the rights of saftey for all women and regonising the 1 in 3 figure.


Check out our Reclaim The Night photo from throughout the years. 

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Reclaim the Night photo gallery:

Check out our TikTok Video from 2024's Reclaim the Night. Watch here. 




Womens History month is also about celebrating what all women have accomplshed throughout History and shining a light on key figures and the amazing community of women we have here in Aberystwyth.


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Undeb Aberystwyth Held a stall at the Bandstand for 2023 International Women’s Day. This stall had information about campaigns we were running as well as shining a light on the amazing women who work in Undeb Aberystwyth. We also showcased some of the banners students had made for Reclaim the Night marches from previous years.

During the day there was also an International Women’s Day tea party. We celebrated women’s achievements with cakes and tea and heard a feminist poem from Clare Foley and the amazing journey of our incredible CEO Trish McGrath.