This page was created with Neurodivergent individuals in mind - diagnosed or not - to provide a community and resources throughout your university experience. However, this page may also be useful in terms of academic tips, seeing student submissions & understanding more about Neurodiversity!

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Student Submissions: 

Disability Performance Night (23/11/2023)


Other Content


We all lived there

It was cold shivering and no roof You gave me shelter and warmth Pleasant with no other home like Aroma of earthly and homely hut With retransposon airs from jungle Calls of forest so bewildering Chorus were timely…singing birds to insects rhythms Finally to silent niches of nighty canopy rains Fire burning and all corners warmth Lighting higher to its height as glorious lamp Only a mice happen to crossover Many creatures would have been here before Door was made of logs and gaps filled with little screw pines Sleep… we slept We had turns to keep fire burning Friends and foes at doorways in nights Anxious from stiff challenges One day your heart was broken into half So was me too Wept in thick rain with no hope And dawn was over me A friend from a thatch hamlet came Fire not so warmth and pleasant as usual Home we went away from jungle Pandanus nuts would be ready next cycle Legs blistered and faces bruised Finally reached home Bustling noise of children and manly chores Daddy finally said “Son it is your turn”


By Tobert Ken, studying MRes Agriculture with IBERS online

TikTok video by Robyn Renee: “As you navigate the world with an ADHD diagnosis, there will come an awareness that you are presumed guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. You found out you were disabled and expected to face the ableism that treated you as inferior for you need for accommodations, for your symptoms, for you medication and the seeking of it. But there’s also the sense that the rest of the world sees these things as having corrupted you somehow. That they make you untrustworthy, even predatory. At the very best, merely irresponsible. Your GP will show you lists of symptoms that say ADHD may cause you to have problems socialising with others. They will let you think the fault for that lies entirely with you and not with the fact that they heard your diagnosis and expected you to act as if you didn’t notice when they held you in contempt for it”. Check out the video here on TikTok
   Check out our Staff made TikTok celebrating our amazing Nerodiverse team.     


We are also lucky enough to have a Neurodiversity Society here at Undeb Aberystwyth, please check them out here

University Services 

External Organisations

Support available to you:

  • Accessibility Partners: This service exists so anyone with a disability or challenge can achieve their best by tailoring to their individual needs. They can also help you access government funding to get the help you need to fairly access your workplace.
  • Integrated Autism Service Wales: This service is based in Ceredigion. They provide adult autism diagnostic assessments (sometimes jointly with other services), support and advice for autistic adults, parents/carers & professionals.

Charities: you can find support, campaigns and useful resources with all these organisations: 

Any other charities you think we should share with our students? Let us know at