No Excuses

At Aberystwyth University, we believe that everyone has the right to live, work and study in an environment free from fear of bullying, harassment and violence.


No Excuses is our new campaign in collaboration with Aberystwyth University and local partners.

It aims to empower people to be an active bystander and take action against bullying, harassment, hate crime, sexual assault and other unacceptable behaviours.


Acts of bullying, harassment and violence committed because of a person’s identity often start with negative attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes about others. These beliefs are embedded through exposure and repeated reinforcement by those around them and they can form prejudices.

These prejudices often present in a variety of forms because of:


           Race, including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin

           Sex or sexual orientation

           Marital or civil partnership status

           Religion or belief

           Being pregnant or on maternity leave

           Gender identity or status


           Trade union membership


           Criminal conviction


If unchallenged these belief can lead to prejudicial and biased behaviour and potentially more serious acts of discrimination, hate and violence.


Report and Support


If you or someone you know experience problematic behaviour you can report it directly to the university.

The university in partnership with the union are currently developing an online reporting system which will enable students to report something anonymously, as a third party or identify yourself and get support from an advisor. We aim to launch this in the coming weeks.

Report a concern directly to Student Support


Take our Pledge


As part of our campaign we’re asking students, staff and student groups to show their support in tackling bullying, harassment and violence.

But there is more to it than simply agreeing to written pledge so take a look for more information.

Take our pledge


Our Pledge to You


AberSU pledges to work with all students and staff, to end bullying, harassment, assault and violence to create a zero tolerance culture where students are safe to be themselves without prejudice.

There are NO EXCUSES

We’ve got lots planned in the months ahead as we grow the campaign including:


            Working with students and staff to create a cultural change on campus and in our community; specifically aimed at individuals or activity which perpetuate such behaviours.

            Educating students and staff on the definitions of unacceptable behaviour as outlined in the University’s Student Code of Dignity and Respect.

            Launching in partnership with the University a new online reporting system for instances of bullying, harassment or violence allowing anonymous and third-party reports.

            Highlighting the various sources of support available to victims and where able building on existing links to support our work on campus.

            Working with local business and venues in town to create safe spaces for victims of bullying and harassment.


We’re also interested in your ideas of how we can continue to develop the campaign going forward, if you have ideas email


Become an Advocate for Change


Interested in supporting the campaign and its work? We are looking for volunteers to act as advocates and help us in our work.

As the campaign develops we’ll be working on various events and activity designed to support its goals.

Sign up to be an advocate