Union President

Bayanda Vundamina (he/him) - Union President

“Bayanda is the public voice of the Students’ Union and Aberystwyth students."

This year, Bayanda will focus on making the Union better for the future and ensuring the student voice is heard.

E-mail: supresident@aber.ac.uk

About the Role:


The President is responsible for:

  • Chairing the Board of Trustees and any relevant sub-groups where stated.
  • Ensuring the Officer team regularly reviews key student issues as well as representational and political affairs in line with current membership.
  • Ensuring all students are represented and not excluded from AberSU.
  • Developing and assessing the AberSU Strategic Plan in conjunction with the Chief Executive.
  • Working with the Chief Executive, Officers and AberSU’s senior management team to achieve and shape strategic aims and outcomes.
  • Ensuring AberSU members are represented on a national scale by coordinating dealings with NUS and NUS Wales.
  • Positively promoting the work and objectives of AberSU by acting as the spokesperson of the Union to stakeholders and media.
  • Attending appropriate University Committees.


University Committees/Meetings Attended:


  • University Council
  • Senate
  • Academic Board
  • Investments Committee
  • Recruitment and Marketing Board
  • Mauritius Management Committee
  • Honorary Awards Group
  • Governance and Compliance Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Redundancy Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Resources and Performance Committee
  • Suicide Safer Steering Group
  • EDI Strategic Oversight Group
  • UKVI Compliance Steering Group
  • Fees and Scholarship group
  • Race Action Group
  • Student union Trustee Board
  • Police and Crime commissioner
  • Local Counsellor meeting
  • SU + Exec meeting
  • Monthly Vice-Chancellor Meeting



Current Priorities:

Below you can find a list of priorities Bayanda is working on this year as well as their current progress on them.

Work towards the policy goals set by students.

  • The SU should endorse and back the UCU within their current strike action
  • Strength and conditioning for sports
  • The SU should commit to the Green Impact Students unions (GISU)

Elevate the International Student Voice and work to support them to have a positive time in Aberystwtyth.

  • Run a number of events throughout the year including a global week (date TBC).
  • Advocate for the rights and needs of international students within the university administration.
  • Diversify the food bank

Work to create and anti-racist culture on campus.

  • Run an anti-racism week
  • Create a document outlining terminology that is used in the SU
  • Organise workshops surrounding anti-racism
  • Create safe spaces for BAME identifying students

The University and AberSU should suspend their banking with fossil fuel investment banks and switch to a more ethical, green bank instead. *


The SU should endorse and back the UCU within their current

strike action. *


To reduce the use of buying from Amazon within the Students Union. *


The SU should commit to the Green Impact Students’ Unions (GISU). *



*denotes policy as passed democratically by Aberystwyth students. Find out more here