To Reduce the Use of Buying from Amazon Within the Students Union

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 05/12/2022

Policy lapses: 05/12/2025

Status: Completed 

Officer Responsible: Union President


Amazon is known for being an organisation that does not support or respect employees and are harmful to the environment, both things that I think go against our Union values.

My suggestion is the Union make a conscience effort to reduce their use of buying from Amazon.

I understand there will still be necessary things to buy from Amazon, but when we can, I think we should direct our spending more into small businesses and the local community.

Submitted by: Aisleen Sturrock

Action List

Action Taken Name and Role Date

All Union staff are aware of this policy and are sharing new tips and tricks of other places we can order things for Union activities, events, and campaigns. We are also consciously looking in town so that we can support small businesses.

Ash Sturrock: Union President  2022-2023
The president this year (2023-24) has sent around a reminder to all Union staff about the policy and recommending other places to shop. They are looking into ways we can show students the difference we are making through this policy. Bayanda (Union President 2023-24) November 2023
We have kept track of how much has been spent on Amazon this year and what is eing purchase. This is compared to what has been spent last year and currently at this time of the year we have spend £1,500 less this year compared to last.  Ash (Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator)  May 2024

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Ash Sturrock 

Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator  /

Bayanda Vundamina

Union President