Should Aberystwyth University Replace Starbucks with a more sustainable, Local Coffee Brand.

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 29/04/2024

Policy lapses: 29/04/2027

Status: We are working on it

Officer Responsible: President

Aberystwyth University positions itself as an environmentally conscious, Welsh culture-and-economy supporting organisation. So its juxtaposed partnership with one of the largest and most harmful corporations on Earth is frankly quite embarrassing.


Replace Starbucks with a more sustainable, local coffee brand


Currently, the SU, Food Hall, and Ysgubor in Fferm Penglais are partnered with Starbucks as their main coffee supplier. All three are under the control of the Uni hospitality services. Starbucks is infamous for its human rights violation and greenwashed sustainability commitments, not to mention that they're a multi-billion-pound corporation providing zero contribution to the local economy and society. Meanwhile, CaffiBach in the Gwendolyne Rees building uses Teifi Coffee, a Ceredigion-based company whose production line runs entirely off renewable energy, supports local projects, and is partnered with the Woodlands Trust in a carbon contribution scheme.

Submitted By: Sam Hopkins

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