We as Students' Want Redeveloped Sports Facilities

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 06/12/2021

Policy lapses: 06/12/2024

Status: We are Working on it. 

Officer Responsible: Opportunities Officer


Priority Number One: Redevelop our sporting facilities



The Students' Union should support any redevelopments of sporting facilities in the upcoming years. As a number one priority.

In the past, we have seen redevelopment of Accommodation blocks, Lecture halls and research campuses. (Fferm Penglais 2015, Pantycelyn 2020; HO C22 2019; AIEC 2020 ongoing).

The one thing Aberystwyth University is lacking is adequate sporting facilities for all of our Union Sports Clubs and students. Whether this be for a team sport or for individual use.

The sports centre and hall are not fit for purpose for our current student body, the impact of covid has made this apparent. The sports centre building is 2nd building that was ever built here on Penglais and is incredibly outdated for its purpose. Credit is due to the Sports Centre staff team for maximising the output they get from their facilities. But we believe now the time has come to invest money in to developing sports facilities that are fit for our ever active student body.

Submitted by: Bruce Fraser Wight

Actions List

Action Taken Name and Role Date
Worked with sports centre and University to agree funding to redevelop changing rooms Sports dome is currently being built to free up the sports hall again Taken part in County wide feasibility study exploring combined enhanced facilities, Our Opportunities Officer has met with the Head of Estates and key sports staff to explore this. Tiff (Opportunities Officer 2023-24) November 2023

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Ash Sturrock 

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Tiff McWilliams

Student Opportunities