Academic Representation on Senedd

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 29/04/2024

Policy lapses: 29/04/2027

Status: Completed

Officer Responsible: President 


Academic reps should replace the lost faculty reps.


With the SU reducing the amount of faculty volunteer officers from 6 to 3, we are losing 3 key academic representation places on the Senedd. My proposal is to replace these positions with 2 Academic Reps to ensure that there is sufficient academic representation on the Senedd.

The reason why I say only 2 academic reps is because Senedd already voted to have a volunteer rep so with the addition of a volunteer rep and 2 academic rep this would cover the 3 lost places from faculty reps.

These reps would be voted into Senedd like any other members.

Submitted by: Bayanda Vundamina

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Ash Sturrock 

Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator  /

Bayanda Vundamina

Union President