Sex Work is Just That, Work

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 30/10/2023

Policy lapses: 30/10/2026

Status: ongoing 

Officer Responsible: Wellbeing Officer


Union to make a stance to be supportive of sex work.

Should AberSU take a pro-sex worker stance?


 Working in the sex industry comes with a lot of stigmas. Under the Cost-of-Living Crisis students are more inclined to do gravitate to perceived easier ways to make money, one being Only Fans. Seeing other people’s success or ease with this only incentivises it more. This policy is more about being able to speak openly about this, the union to support people who want to pursue this and ultimately make them aware of the safe ways to go about it. That being regarding their identities, careers and futures at the university.

Submitted By: Helen Cooper

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Ash Sturrock 

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Emily (Mo) Morgan