Lapsed Policy

When an idea if voted in favour, it becomes Policy. The Student’s Union holds this Policy for three years. After the three years, it can be voted to remain as a policy for another three years. If not, it becomes a Lapsed Policy.

We keep these on record for students to be able to access them easily.

If you think a Lapsed Policy should be an AberSU Policy again, you can bring it to the Students Union Senedd to be voted on again.

Lapsed Policies: 

Lapsed Policies:  Date of lapse Reason
Hold an Aberystwyth University Arts Festival! (04/11/2022) Completed and Ongoing
Healthcare for our Trans students. (04/11/2022)  
Compulsory Consent Training. (25/03/2022)  
Ensure RAG Funds the Wellbeing Pot to Support Aber Students. (30/11/2023) Developed into new idea/plan

For any questions on Lapsed Policy, please contact SU Voice Department at