Online collaborative calendar/timetable and booking system for SU and Uni space

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 21/02/2021

Policy lapses: 21/02/2025

Status: Completed

Officer Responsible: Opportunities Officer


A collaborative, online calendar/timetable and booking system for societies and clubs to book SU and University rooms for events and socials.



Currently, it's hard for societies and clubs to book rooms in the Students Union and the university itself. It requires emailing the union and then waiting for a reply which in the holidays, bank holidays and weekends can take days (understandably). My idea was to just make a collective calendar booking system so that anyone from a soc or club can see when the spaces are free and be be able to book them easily. As well as this, having a list of spaces available to us with information about the space (accessibility, equipment, additional facilities etc) and pictures would mean committees would be able to plan events and socials quicker and easier with less need for staff involvement.

Submitted By: Sarah Davies

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Ash Sturrock 

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Tiff McWilliams

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