Becoming a part of Race Alliance Wales for #AntiRacistWales

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 19/04/2021

Policy lapses: 19/04/2024

Status: Completed

Officer Responsible: Union President


Becoming a part of Race Alliance Wales for #AntiRacistWales. 



This policy is proposing to make sure our Students’ Union makes a public commitment to anti-racist work and becomes a member of Race Alliance Wales (RAW). RAW is an initiative that aims to connect and support organisations interested in achieving race equality in Wales. Their manifesto has 10 goals, which include:

· Collecting ethnicity data in the workforce and various sectors,

· Developing a strategic race equality plan,

· Including anti-racist education in the New Curriculum for Wales,

· Supporting the improvement of Wales’ legal response and access to justice and safety for minority ethnic individuals,

· Investing in physical and mental health support for ethnic minority people.

By becoming a member of this organization we can; collaborate in their campaigns, petitions, and attend Race & Equality Cross part group meetings and policy circle meetings.

I believe becoming a part of this organization will support our “No Excuses” campaign and reflect positively on our university’s BAME community.

Submitted By: Darya Koskeroglu

Actions List 

Action Taken Name and Role Date
The Union has joined Race Alliance Wales as a part of our commitment to anti-racist work. Union Team N/A

To find out more about this policy, get in touch: 


Ash Sturrock 

Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator  / 

Bayanda Vundamina

Union President