Boat Shed to Boathouse

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 21/02/2021

Policy lapses: 21/02/2025

Status: We are Working on it. 

Officer Responsible: Opportunities Officer


Shed to house renovations and improvements.



The uni boat shed is looking tired and worn down. It has not been looked after as best as it could be, such as flaking paint, and signs that are out of date, lack of general safety information. An example is lack of vhf radios for shared club use for communication with rail and harbour master. The safety information is out of date and this poses is understanding in case of emergency.

There is equipment being stored in the boat house which is irrelevant to the clubs that use it such as boxing pads and rugby pads.

The fuse box is temperamental and sparks when it trip, causing potential fire hazard. Access to the beach is limited by brambles which have impeded safe access to the beach to launch craft.

This list goes on. What needs to happen is a consultation with the clubs which use it and then it renovated into a building to be proud of.

Submitted by: Christopher Thomas

Actions List

Action Taken  Name and Role Date
The Opportunities Officer has set up a committee who will be directly working on this policy. They are also in contact with the head of estates regarding this. Tiff (Opportunities Officer 2023-24) October 2023
Tiff had their meetings with estates regarding the boathouse and is now following up from the meeting. Estates have now cleaned the slipway which was hazardus and brought to the Opportunities Officer attendtion by students.The Opportunities Officer is now in contact with the council so that they can understand the lease. Tiff (Opportunities officer 2023-24)  November 2023

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