Should AberSU reduce the number of Faculty Officers?

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 24/04/2023

Policy lapses: 24/04/2026

Status: Completed

Officer Responsible: Academic Affairs Officer


By having one only on faculty officer per faculty it should mean all students are represented as posts wouldn't be unfilled.



There are currently 6 Faculty Officer positions, FELS UG, FELS PG, FASS UG, FASS PG, FBAPS UG and FBAPS PG. I propose to combine the roles into 3 and have only one officer represent each faculty.??For the academic years 19/20, 20/21, 21/22, 22/23 there has not been a time where all 6 posts have been filled. In only 1 of these 4 periods was there a PG and UG representative for 1 faculty. Having unfilled roles doesn't look great and it can also mean that some students don't feel represented as they don't have a Faculty Officer. There have been times when a UG faculty officer has chosen to represent PG when that post is not filled, by combining the roles into one the representative would have the means, resources and support to represent all efficiently

Submitted by: Zoë Hayne

Actions List

Action Taken  Name and Role Date 
This is being introduced for 2024 elections. Anna (Academic Affairs 2023-24) November 2023

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Ash Sturrock

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Academic Affairs Officer