Pantycelyn was first opened in 1951 and became a Welsh medium hall in 1974. Following a substantial refurbishment, the building now offers a range of contemporary spaces for student and University life. Some of the communal areas are for exclusive use by Pantycelyn residents. There are also study, meeting, rehearsal and relaxation rooms available for all non-residents to book.

To book a room go to

  1. Press ‘Book Now’
  2. Choose which room you want
  3. Go to the month you need
  4. Choose a date
  5. Choose a time slot from what’s available
  6. Complete the short form
  7. Agree with the terms and conditions
  8. If you only need the one hour, press ‘Confirm booking’
  9. If you need more time/other times/different rooms, press the ‘Add another booking’
  10. Repeat steps 2-6
  11. When you have selected all rooms/times needed, press ‘Confirm booking’

Please note that if you need support setting up for your event with furniture or special equipment, you should book 7 days in advance. You should also include time to setup, and time to return the room to its original state whilst making your booking.

If you need additional setup, recurring bookings, or are looking to book a space for an external organisation please email

You can use the service to book the following rooms:

  • Students’ Union
    • Ystafell / Room 1
    • Ystafell / Room 2
    • Ystafell / Room 3
    • Ystafell / Room 4
    • Ystafell / Room 5
    • Picture House
    • Prif Ystafell / Main Room
  • Pantycelyn
    • Ystafell Gyfarfod / Meeting Room 1
    • Ystafell Gyfarfod / Meeting Room 2
    • Ystafell Astudio / Study Room 1
    • Lolfa Fach
    • Ystafell Gyffredin Hyn / Senior Common Room

To see the bookings calendar in outlook:

  1. Go to your Calendar View
  2. Click ‘Add Calendar’ from the toolbar and select ‘Open Shared Calendar’...
  3. In the window that appears, type '' and click OK
  4. The calendar should now show up in your list of Shared Calendars. You will be able to see all the bookings (including the SU rooms).
  5. Right click on the calendar in the side menu. Select ‘properties’. Under ‘synchronisation’ there is a filter option. Type ‘Pantycelyn’ and choose ‘subject field only’ to see only Pantycelyn bookings.
  6. Please allow up to 24 hours for bookings made through the online system to appear in the outlook calendar.