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Where Beer Pong players of all skill levels come together and enjoy a couple of games of Beer Pong and a drink. Socials every Wednesday and Beer Pong Tournaments tbc.




When and where does Beer Pong hold their socials? We start our socials every Wednesday at 8:00 where we play Beer Pong, other games and socialise. Then start our small pub crawl around our sponsor's locations. Each social will have a different theme – we do like to dress up don’t worry, it's not every week so you won’t break your bank!

Do I need to buy a membership? Yes - everyone who attends our socials needs to have purchased our £5 membership on our SU Page. You can attend your first 3 socials without this, but any more socials, membership is required. We will be enforcing this - only fair to those who have paid.

Is Beer Pong just a weekly piss up? Definitely not! Alongside our weekly socials, we hold study sessions and sober events like movie nights or charity bake sales.

I don't like booze, do I have to drink? No, still come along! It is 100% your choice to drink, and are plenty of non-alcoholic options for you to try in our sponsor's pubs.

I am not very competitive, do I have to play Beer Pong? No, of course not! Although we do play a lot of Beer Pong, we are all a very sociable group and there’s plenty of other things to do and people to talk to during our socials!

All of our committees are here to support you and will go out of their way to help you, but a few key people to look out on our socials are Bekki and Anesti (our social secretaries who are running/responsible for our weekly meet-ups) and Eloise (our wellbeing officer) who you can go to to talk about anything!


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