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Welcome to Aber Fantasy and Science Fiction! We're a friendly group who do weekly TV and film showings, along with games nights and low-key socials, and one-off events.


Fantasy & Sci-fi Society

About us:

We're a small, friendly group who do weekly TV and film showings of all areas of sci-fi and fantasy - setlist will be up on our Instagram once it's finalised in the new term, and we're always open to suggestions! 


We run our socials on Thursday evenings: 7pm-9pm-ish, in C22, Hugh Owen, watching a wide variety of films. Find out more via our Instagram, or get your free membership to get email updates! 

The age-old question which no one is discussing: which is best? Fantasy or Sci-fi? 

Debated for millennia by academics and nerds alike, the argument for both sides is strong:

  • The fantasy camp can play the cards of elves, dragons and magic, with the retaliation from the sci-fi camp of time travel, aliens and the endless void of space! 

  • And then there are those who sit somewhere in the middle- like superhero movies, with some heroes being of science and others of magic.

  • Or Indiana Jones: archaeology is hardly fantasy based magic? but it's not exactly science either- mythology is one of them weird ones. 

Who will win this neverending debate???


Does Disney Count?

Absolutely! Here at Fantasy & Sci-fi Soc we love Disney films! 

Disney provides some of the best fantasy films out there- from classics like Snow White and Cinderella, hidden gems such as The Rescuers and Willow, and some absolutely terrible fantasy films such as The Black Cauldron and Home on the Range. 

Disney also has a wide range of Sci-fi films, from animated classics such as Treasure Planet, Atlantis and Wall.e, to live-action films like Tomorrowland and Tron. 

The society has its own Disney+ account, which means we have access to all sorts of amazing films, from Marvel to Starwars and all of your Disney and Pixar favourites! 

What about Superhero Movies? 

We don't wish to step on the toes of the Cartoon and Comics Society, but we do love a good Superhero film! 

Crazy superpowers, amazing fight scenes, saving the world! What's not to love! 

Special Events: 

We love doing themed film showings, from Halloween to Christmas films, classic Disney and Studio Ghibli nights and celebrating Pride, International Women's Day and a whole host of other themes throughout our film and TV choices. 

It also gives us an excuse to do a little bit of fancy dress! 

We also like to pop along to our local cinema in town to watch the latest films for a fun evening out! 

Society Forms:                                                                           

                                                 Constitution             Code of Conduct              Risk Assessment               Equipment List                

Inclusivity Statment:     

The Aber Fantasy and Sci-Fi Society is dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of everybody, treating everyone as equals, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, culture, sexual and romantic orientation, ability, religion, political ideology and socioeconomic status.

We value everyone’s options and views and will try our hardest to include a wide variety of the above-stated statuses in the films and media that we show.

We encourage our members to also abide by this statement, and any member seen or reported to be discriminating against a person/group of people, will be directly talked to by a committee member, reporting the incident to a higher authority of power within the SU if required.

The society aims to make everyone feel safe and included, and the committee is dedicated to achieving this for everyone.

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