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We are a community of Christian students who aim to give every student the chance to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ!


We are a community of Christian students who aim to give every student the chance to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ! 


What is the good news of Jesus?!

Everyone has done wrong things, it's just part of human life. However, God is a perfect judge and it would be unjust to for him to allow these things to go unpunished. We may have done good in our lives too, but that cannot mend the crimes we have committed – a judge cannot let a criminal go just because they’ve given to charity or helped the homeless.

Instead Jesus Christ lived the perfect life in our place. Dying on the cross, he took the punishment that we deserve so that we might be forgiven and have eternal life with God.
This is offered to us a free gift, and isn’t something we can earn, but is offered freely to all.

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Freshers Week in Aberystwyth CU

Coming to University is a big step; you’re away from home and you don’t know anyone. Throw in some two-meter distancing rules; some face masks and hand sanitiser - the idea of going out and making new friends becomes even more daunting. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel any less welcome. As part of welcoming people to the Aber Family - despite these uncertain times - we’re in the process of planning a completely new Fresher’s Week that will enable you to make friends, whilst also keeping you safe. Do we know what this Fresher’s Week will look like? Not entirely - we’re adapting and changing as we learn more and more about what is possible under the circumstances. But rest assured, we're working hard to offer brand new and completely unique events that will ease your transition into uni life. Make sure you follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with upcoming events, and for any other general support.


Week-to-Week in Aberystywth CU 

As a CU we run a variety of events, with things on for all different types of people. Whether you're a committed Christian or would like to find out more about what Christians believe, there is something for everyone! We're currently in the process of planning events for this year that can take place, despite the uncertain circumstances. Below are some of the events we hope to be putting on this year but make sure to follow our social media pages for more information on all our upcoming events. 


Friday | 7:00pm

CU Central

CU central is our main weekly meeting and is a great opportunity to meet up with other Christians and grow in your faith. Generally, we meet and enjoy a short time chatting together before launching into an evening of singing, prayer, and short talks, with the main Bible study being preached. These talks follow themes such as: Uncover Mark, The Trinity and Ephesians.


Impact groups

Impact groups are a new online version of small groups that we will be starting in September! They are a great place to make friends, get connected into CU life and read the Bible together.


Wednesday | 9:00pm


Outreach is an exciting opportunity to share the Gospel with the people of Aberystwyth, as well as making sure our fellow students and neighbours are well. If you're on a night-out then keep an eye out for us in town and come and grab a hot drink and a biscuit or have a chat!


Thursday | 7:00pm


University is a big step up, especially if you're in a new country, with a new language, and a new culture. Every Thursday we run a 'Globe Cafe' for iternational students (although all are welcome). We meet up, share a meal together, and talk about life, as well as discussing topics such as culture or identity.


Friday | 8:15am

Prayer meeting

Every Friday after CU Central we gather in one of our member's houses to pray together for pressing issues, our family and friends and our town and university. We generally spend an hour or so going through a guided prayer session. Feel free to come along no matter how confident you are at praying!


Saturday | 10:00am

CU football

A great way to unwind at the end of a busy week is by playing some football in the 3G cage on campus, by the sports centre. We're not a team, so its nothing serious, we just meet up and have a friendly kick around.



On sunday we don't do anything as a CU, raher we attend our local churches, and take a rest. Aber has a number of great both Welsh and English-speaking churches. To find out more about the churches in Aber follow the link below:



Yearly events in Aberystwyth CU

As well as running weekly events, we also have some larger events that we run in each semester. In semester one we have our Christmas events, and in semester two we have a week of events toward the end of February.


Town and University Carol Concert | Start of December

The town and university carol concert is an event hosted by the university and local churches. It is a great opportunity to hear what Christianity is all about, While getting in the Christmas spirit!


Christmas banquet | Start of December

The Christmas banquet is hosted by the CU at one of the hotels in town. It is a great event to come along to hear more about the true meaning of Christmas, and also have a Christmas dinner and celebrate the end of term!

Events Week | End of February

As a CU we host a week of events to answer you questions about the Christian faith. We host a range of informal lunches that briefly address a topic such as:  Do all religions lead to God?, How can a God of love allow suffering?, Has Science buried God? These are followed by a question and answer session. The evenings follow a similar format, but address the topic much more deeply, as well as looking at the story of a guest.



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