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Here at AberKPOP, we aim to create a fun and inclusive environment to share our love of K-Pop together! Please check out what we get up to below, we’d love to see you at any upcoming events!


Hello and thank you for stopping by! Here are some of the events we offer:


Dance Classes

We have excited, hard-working teachers who are ready to lead weekly dance classes. At the end of dance classes, we usually try and do a Random Dance Challenge. We have plenty of showcase events throughout the year for our members who don't want to dance competitively (such as ArtsFest, our EOY show, Charity and RAG showcases, and Pride performances).

Competition Team

For those interested in competitive KPOP dancing, you have the opportunity to audition for our dance team - 'Aber K-Ducklings'. We participate in external dance competitions throughout the year.


We host game nights (Mafia, Cards, Charades), watch parties (Titles we've seen in the past include Encanto, Turning Red, Train to Busan), drinking socials, and more!

Weekly Chill Sessions

Come join us for a chance to chat and get to know each other. Bring along any crafts you're working on or use this as an opportunity to study with friends! Some weeks we'll have photocard decorating sessions and music watch parties.


If you want to join any of our events please purchase our yearly membership! All you need to do is click the 'Add membership' button on the top of this page and pay! Click on our Events page up there to find out what events we will be holding during Freshers!



For more information on our practices, please read the following documents:

1. Constitution

2. Code of Conduct

3. Risk Assessment

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