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At the Kpop society, we like to create an open, inclusive and fun environment for those who enjoy or are just interested in Kpop as well as events relating to Korean culture



Hey you, thanks for stopping by! Let us tell you about some of the events we offer:

  • Dance classes

Dance is a huge part of Kpop and we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy it! We have excited, hard-working teachers who are ready to lead weekly dance classes. We also take suggestions, so if you want us to teach something specific we'd be more than happy to! At the end of dance classes, we usually try and do Random Dance Challenge for everyone to enjoy!

P.S - If you're interested in teaching a class, we're more than happy to present you an opportunity

  • Dance competitions

For those interested in competitive KPOP dancing - you have the opportunity to join our dance team - 'Mochi Gang'. We participate in internal dance competitions and showcases, but also try and travel and take part in inter-uni competitions (Here is the RDP we participated in at the National KPOP Competition:

  • Potluck/Food-related events

Korean food is awesome, period. Most of us like to cook Korean recipes, but no pressure, we enjoy all kinds of food at these events. Everyone brings a dish and we share, while playing games or watching movies!

Other events include K-Drama nights, where we get together in the Movie Room and watch together, cover filmings, and DIY events!

We'd like to try to cater to everyone's tastes and preferred activities, so if there's anything you really want to happen that fits our goal: buy the annual membership, then join/ follow one of our social media pages or email us/send us a message.










For more information on our practices, please read the following documents:

1. Constitution


2. Code of Conduct


3. Risk Assessment


Equipment list not applicable. 


Wed 1st June

KPOP Charity Showcase
7pm - 9pm
Students Union Main Room
Treat yourself to an evening of wonderful and diverse performances from our talented members for a good cause - we're giving all our proceeds to Mind Aberystwyth (a wonderful organization providing mental health support across all age groups!)
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First Victory!

We won the 'Fresh' category at London-based PRISM competition held on the 26th of February!

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