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We are Aberystwyth University's Chamber Choir which performs a variety of traditional madrigals, folk songs and more -- both locally and internationally. Visit our website: https://abermads.co.uk/


Who are the Elizabethan Madrigal Singers?

Formed in 1950, the Elizabethan Madrigal Singers (fondly known as “MADs”) remains Aberystwyth University’s longest running society. This auditioned choir started as a small chamber ensemble specializing in strictly pre-classical repertoire; however, over the past 60 years, the choir has broadened its repertoire to include sacred, secular, folk, jazz, and contemporary pieces as well. Since its origin, the society has served as the university’s premier chamber choir, and now, MADs holds a prestigious and extensive history. Each new generation of MADs hopes to preserve the choir's venerability, high standards, and musical dedication (learn more about the history of the society here: http://mads.org.uk/en/1950-1959).

As a chamber choir, our membership caps at around 10-25 singers each year. Furthermore, as a relatively small group, the choir always forms a strong bond and community -- you'll make friends for life! 

Alongside singing in and around the town of Aberystwyth, MADs have historically gone on tour to locations all around the globe! This past year, we have been preparing for our summer of 2024 tour destination - Belfast. The MADs tour has been cancelled in previous years due to the pandemic but it has been revived this year and we are all very excited to travel and sing! 

This year we will have a Christmas, Easter and Summer concert in venues all over Aberystwyth town (videos of some recent performaces are featured below) as well as some smaller performances at university and local events. We will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other local choirs in workshops where we can broaden our own musical knowledge and connect with like-minded people. We have a close, fond relationship with Aberystwyth Choral Society, a community choir in town, with many of our members singing there as well. 

So, why join us? Participating in the Elizabethan Madrigal Singers yields a great many rewards: the opportunity to develop further one's musical skills both technically and artistically, the chance to work in an intimate, fun environment with close friends, and the emotionally fulfilling and meaningful experience brought about by performing beautiful works of music. We greatly look forward to welcoming and sharing the wonderful world of MADs with new members this coming year! 




Rehearsals and Commitment

Each week we have two evening rehearsals, each lasting two hours from 19:00-21:00 (days and location TBD for 2024-25). Leading up to a concert, we may have supplementary rehearsals. Consistent and timely attendance to rehearsal is part of the commitment made when joining the society. In their own time, it is expected that our members practice and review material, especially including catching up on any material missed due to an absence. 

The Audition Process

The audition is split up into two parts: a technical section and a solo section. We begin with a variety of warm-ups, determine vocal range, and go through a series of technical skills including vocal agility, pitch accuracy, finding/singing a note within a chord, and a short sight reading section. (Note: many of these components are not pass-fail and are simply used to determine skill level of members and what skills we should work to develop in the choir). Following the technical section, the singer is asked to perform a solo classical vocal piece of their choice, ideally something that demonstrates their vocal skills to the best of their ability (we also have pieces to choose from for each vocal part with practice tracks available here: https://abermads.co.uk/audition-materials/ ). 

Please email abermads@gmail.com to book an audition

Previous singing experience is desired, although it is not necessary, and our rehearsals involve teaching of singing technique, sight reading, and basic music theory. If you have any questions about the audition process, please feel free to contact us by emailing abermads@gmail.com or messaging our Instagram: @abermads. We are happy to help anyone, no matter their skill level, prepare for the audition. 

The 2024-25 MADs Committee

About Us

Conductor - Lora Reinfeldt

"Hello! My name is Lora Reinfeldt (she/her) and I am honoured to be the current conductor of the MADs! I’m going into my third year studying Marketing and Business Management joint honours, but music has been my greatest passion and joy since before I could remember. I’ve been involved in various choirs, musical theater productions, and solo vocal performance for most of my life. It’s been such a privilege to pass on and share my love and knowledge of music this year with the MADs. I’m so proud of our choir’s growth, talent, and strong community bond, and would love to welcome you to the MADs to join us in singing our wide-ranging repertoire and enjoying the everlasting friendships that being in our choir creates!"


Assistant Conductor - Anna Pennington

“Hi, I'm Anna (she/her). I'm the MADs Assistant Conductor for 2024-25 and this year I am starting my PhD in Human Geography. My love for music began from an early age singing in a variety of choirs and learning to play the trumpet. I have been a student at Aberystwyth since 2019. In that time, in addition to singing in the MADs, I have held a Music Scholarship and been part of Aberystwyth Choral Society, Aberystwyth University Wind Band and Aberystwyth's 'town and gown' orchestra called Philomusica. I've made lifelong friends in the MADs and I'm really looking forward to another year of music making!”



President - Henry Howe

 "Hello there! My name is Henry (he/him) and I am the President this year. I am currently in my final year of studying Computer Science. I have recently got back from a year abroad in Australia, where I sang in both a Cathedral Choir and an A Capella Choir! (Quite the contrast!) I was assistant conductor of the MADs in my second year, and loved the challenge! I am looking forward to the upcoming year, and cannot wait to meet you all for some amazing Madrigals!"



Vice President - Percy Hill

"Hello there! I'm Percival Hill (he/him), Vice President of the MADs. I study Filmmaking, which is totally a degree :) I've taken part in choirs since I was 13, and have sung in pretty buildings up and down the country. I have a grade five singing as well. My favourite thing about the MADs are the rehearsals, spending a couple hours with a bunch of fun people twice a week!"




Treasurer - Emily Pomeroy

"Hey, I'm Em (she/her), a 2nd year PhD in International Politics and super happy to be this year's treasurer! I grew up surrounded by music and have enjoyed nearly 15 years of voice lessons and membership in various choirs. I was vice-president and treasurer of the University of Ottowa Glee Club from 2018-2019. I joined the MADs the first week I arrived in Aberystwyth and haven't looked back. Since then, MADS has been the joy of my week, and is a supportive and wonderful environment to grow and play - come sing with us!" 



Social Secretary - Martha Ward-Figueira

"Hello, I'm Martha (she/her) and I'm this year's social secretary! I'm going into my third year studying Maths and Drama joint honours. I have been singing for as long as I remember and I have been in the MADs for the whole of my university experience (joining in 2022). I absolutely adore the MADs, we are such a tight-knit community and I love creating socials for all of us to bond in." 




Wellbeing Officer - Cole Meade

"I'm Cole (he/him), a third year Fine Art student! I've been signing for eight years, and have been involved in choirs for just as long. I have been in the MADs for one year, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the choir! As health and wellbeing officer I hope to provide a friendly face to talk to within the choir, especially with my own experiences as a queer and neurodivergent person :)!"




Freshers Week Events 2024 

TBD - check back later for more info!

Core Documents


Code of Conduct                                                                          

Risk Assessment for Weekly Rehearsals

Equipment List

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