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Physoc is the Physics and Astronomy Society for Aberystwyth University, open for anyone who is interested in Physics or Astronomy. Come along and join in!


We are the Physics and Astronomy Society 

A society for those that have an interest in Physics and Astronomy. 

Here to have a great time, learn new skills, and make friends with like-minded interests.

Who are we?

The Physics and Astronomy society comprises students covering aspects of science from Engineering physics to Planetary physics (With loads more in between!) This means we have a diverse body of students that we can use to share ideas, discuss concepts, help each other and work together on exciting projects such as the building telescopes, making Rockets, Stellar spectroscopy, creating Plasma in microwaves (yes, really!), exploring solar activity, Radio Astronomy, and anything else you can imagine. Whilst most of our members are in STEM, you don't need any knowlage or experience to join us, we will guide and teach you eveything you need to know!


What we do

Students in our society will have many academic opportunities with us, such as lessons held by students on topics that interest them and study sessions to prepare for exams. We are explore the plethora of detail on the Moon's surface, take spectrums of the stars to uncover what elements lay within, Observe radioactive decay using cloud chambers, create plasma in microwaves to observe how different materials behave, make genuine Rubys and build telescopes! We also have regular star parties and Astronomy nights where we get together in our Astronomy hut and image the planets, glaxies, star clusters and more.. All of these are a fraction of what we have planned this year!


Our committee:

President- Luke Pearson (

Vice president- Joseph Pennington (

Treasurer- Benjamin Wagner-Gammon (

Secretary- Aidan McMullin (

Astronomy officer- Samuel Turner (

Social secretaries– Alyssa Lonsdale (, Jack Lynock (



Our equipment

Our society is full of students keen on getting their hands dirty with Astronomy. Here is a list of all the equipment our society has available for members to use on request. Rememebr, you are welcome to bring any of your own equipment out with us on astronomy nights!

  • Skywatcher 200p dobsonian (without GOTO tracking)
  • Zwo Asi 120ms-c colour planetary imaging camera
  • Orion Starblast 6
  • Celestron nexstar 4se, with battery pack
  • Orion 6" solar filter to fit the starblast 6


Full Membership (£14)- This gives you access to eveything in the society, including certain equipment outside of socials. We have over £1000 worth of gear, so if you want to get your hands dirty with astronomy without breaking your bank account, this is for you! 


Here are some useful (free) tools that may be helpful during your time in the society:

All socials and most Astronomy nights are planned. All members of the society will be emailed monthly to remind them of upcoming social and academic dates. All members will also be emailed when something unexpectedly interesting happens (e.g., an unexpected solar storm or a suddenly visible comet).

Social media 

 Join our Facebook group so you can be up to date on all events, chat, and see our fantastic gallery created by our members!

 If you need help, have questions, or need anything else, don't hesitate to email us at: 

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 Our Gallery

These images offer just a glimpse into what you can achieve here in our group:










Physics and Astronomy Society and its members are dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of all members.

Society Core Documents: Risk Assessment (Experiments) | Risk Assessment (Astronomy Hut) | Code of Conduct | Constitution | Equipment List

No current events
British science week

Our society hosted a meteorite stand and the university Planetarium at our 2023 British science week fair with over 1000 school children!

Elan Valley Sun Fun day

Our society worked with Aberystwyth universities Physics department to perform a public outreach event at Elan Valley during the solar eclipse. Luke and Lawrence both gave astronomy talks to the public, and we set up telescopes to watch the solar eclipse, along with viewing the eclipse through Lukes' solar binoculars.