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MSAGM Aber SSAGO (Student Scout and Guide Organisation) has been running since 2004 and runs many activities: socials, walks, camping, BBQs, film nights and more! Many members help at the local groups


Welcome to Aber SSAGO!


Aber SSAGO serves Scouting and Guiding to students of Aberystwyth University. We have been running since 2004 and run a wide variety of activities including socials, camping, walks, drinking, BBQ's, film nights and more.  Additionally we aim to support students in finding leadership roles with local Scout and Guide units, so they can help the local units to keep Scouting and Guiding alive in Aberystwyth and provide the Scouting and Guiding experience to today's children. We also run many events and fundraisers throughout the year to provide a Scouting and Guiding experience to students.

Aber SSAGO is part of a national organisation which links Scouts and Guides from universities across the UK. Each year there are 4 national events; three camps called rallies, and a ball. We attend as many of these national SSAGO events as possible and have great fun in doing so. 

We welcome all students from Aberystwyth University to join us for weekly events and camps spread throughout the year - we are open to non-scouters and guiders, and those who want to join. You will make many great friends and have a brilliant time with us. 

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Meet the Committee


President & Quartermaster: Aaron Ramsey

Hi I'm Aaron, I'm going to be your President and Quartermaster for the next year. I'll be managing all the paperwork as well as the kit this year. And although I'm on a year in industry hope to be back in Aber almost every weekend for events. I was the quartermaster this year and along with Charlotte our treasurer this year facilitated getting an event shelter and new pegs (we love new pegs). I'm originally from Staffordshire and have 14 years scouting experience. And have been to all the national events since I've been in SSAGO!

Jenny Thyer

Interim-Secretary: Jenny Thyer

Hello, I'm Jenny and I've been elected as your secretary for 2021/22! I'm very excited to me more involved with the society and to have lots of fun adventures. I'm originally a Guide from Somerset and I still go help at my home units whenever I can. I'll be starting my second year of a computer science degree in September. Back when I was 17 I travelled to the Netherlands for a massive Guide/Scout Jamboree, and in my spare time I love to do cross stitch.


Jenny Thyer

Treasurer: Will Burrows

Hi, I'm will and I'm the treasurer this year. I was a scout from East Lancashire with over 15 years of experience so I'm excited for this next experience.


National SSAGO

Nationwide SSAGO events are a brilliant way to keep the adventurous side of you alive. Each year there three rallies. Hosted by other SSAGOs they provide a meeting point for all SSAGOs to camp and participate in loads of different activities, from pub crawls to rock climbing! You pick the activities you want to do! Not forgetting the themes - each rally has its own theme and evening shenanigans are arranged around it!

This year the three rallys are going to be held by Newcastle and Welsh SSAGOS, all themed around a different thing, find out more on:

The Annual Ball each March/April also provides a nationwide attraction for SSAGOs. An amazing three course dinner followed by the ball itself. Packages are also available for various costs to stay the night. Enjoy the food, entertainment and explore the town. This years Ball will be run by Keele SSAGO.

National SSAGO are also asked to help run national Scouting events such Gillwell 24, or Gillwell Wintercamp, and Guiding events such as Wellies and Wristbands. Find out more about National at on their website and Facebook:


See our documents below


Code of Conduct:

Risk Assessment :

Covid Risk Assessement :

Equipment List:


If you would like us to we can provide the details to join in and help at the local Scout and Guide units. Just ask :)

Avaliable Scout Groups

  • 3rd Aberystwyth Scout Group
  • 2nd Penparcau Scout Group
  • 2nd Borth Scout Group
  • Eir ESU
  • Penparcau ESU

Avalaible Guide Groups

  • 10th Aberystwyth Girl Guides
  • 6th Aberystwyth Rainbows
  • 1st Penparcau Guides
  • 1st Parcllyn and Aberporth Brownies
  • 2nd Aberystwyth brownies

Inclusivity Statement

MSAGM Aber SSAGO is dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of all members regardless of age, race, ethnicity, ability, culture or nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status and marital status.

Hope to see you soon!
Aber SSAGO! 

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