Student Projects

The Student’s Union works in partnership with charities, the local community and students to set up projects where there is a need.

If you’re looking for a regular commitment, our projects are a great opportunity to work with like-minded people throughout the year.

Together, not only will you be able to help a cause and make a difference, but also have the chance to develop ideas, gain responsibilities and build up skills.

Take a look at our range of student-led and partnership projects to find something that suits you!




Do you have a project idea?

We know that volunteering provides an opportunity to help a cause that is important to you. If you can’t find a current volunteer opportunity to get involved with or perhaps you have the skills, knowledge and ideas to create your own project, then we can help you!

The Students’ Union is here to support you if you’d like to set-up new project; not only can we provide you with developmental support, but there is also financial support available.

If you have an idea for a student-led project, then you’ll first need to read through and complete our start-up guide.

Alternatively, if you just have an idea of an organisation that you’d like us to work with, then contact

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