Student Projects


If you’re looking for a regular student-led volunteer commitment, our projects are a great opportunity to work with like-minded people throughout the year and support a cause that's important to you. We have existing projects you can join, or we can support you to create your own project! 

Projects are run by at least 2 project leaders and supporting student volunteer roles.Together you will be able to help make a difference, all whilst gaining responsibilites, skills and networks with students and charities. 

Starting a New Project


Step 1
Complete the “New Student-Led Volunteer Project” form. The form asks you to explain your project idea and the need or cause it’s a going to support, as well as include the names of at least 2 individuals who are willing to start the project. The volunteer coordinator will review your application and invite you for a meeting. We’ll work with you to check the suitability of your project and ensure that:

  • It does not replicate an existing society or project
  • It does not propose any reputation risk to the Union, and the wider community
  • It can deliver tangible action or opportunities that support a need or worthwhile cause
  • It can accommodate other volunteers to join the project
  • You’re creating good connections with any external stakeholders (where applicable)

Step 2
Once approved, we will work with you to create your core documents:

  • Volunteer Expectations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Equipment List
  • Project Roles

At the same time, we will be creating your Volunteer Project assets:

  • Webpage
  • Project Email 
  • Finance Account
  • Microsoft Teams
If working in collaboration with an external charity, we’ll need to get the charity registered on the SU brokerage service (Provider Hub ( and work with you to create a document of responsibilities.

Step 3
Register as a volunteer and complete any relevant Training.

Step 4
Once you have completed the training you are set to go! You could start by:

For anything related to running a student group, check out the Team Aber Resource Hub or contact your relevant coordinator!


Project Leaders

Project Leader Role Description

Project leaders are students who ensure the smooth running of the project. Each project should have two project leaders in order to support each other with responsibilities, and whilst every project is different, as a project leader there are core expectations and processes that you’ll need to compete.

Project leaders will:

  • Take a motivational lead to support volunteers and achieve the project aims.
  • Recruit and retain new and existing volunteers.
  • Ensure the health and safety of volunteers and the overall project.
  • Be a key contact between AberSU, volunteers and where necessary, charity partners or external stakeholders.
  • Oversee the project finances.
  • Oversee the project email and website.
  • Support a culture of inclusiveness, respect and understanding.

If there’s a cause your passionate about and you want to take the lead in order to make a difference, then becoming a Project Leader is the role for you! You can be a project leader for an existing project or create and lead your own volunteer project.

Any student wanting to become a project leader will go through a short interview process led by a SU staff member and Officer.


You’ll be fully supporting the by the Students’ Union to fulfil your role and will receive training and guidance to ensure you’re able to run a successful project.

Any Questions? Email



Resource Hub


General Information and Guidance



Health and Safety

Core Documents



Room / Facilities Booking


Union Rooms

For general enquiries or to book Union rooms email the Union Reception ( You can see room availability here. The rooms available and associated capacities in brackets are:

  • Main Room (dowload the booking form here) [78 when used as an activity space, or 500 when used as hospitality]
  • Picture House (No bookings before 4pm and only bookings that fit the layout) [36 when used as an activity space, or 64 when used as hospitality]
  • Meeting Rooms 1&4 [20] + 2&3 [8]
  • Room 5 [15]

When booking please include the following details:

  • Your club/society name
  • The room you want
  • The name and email of the person booking
  • Date and times you want the room
  • Your expected number of attendees
  • The purpose of your booking (e.g. social, movie night, games night, etc.)

Bookings will be available between 9am and 11pm Mon-Sat, and between 11am and 11pm Sunday for this term.

All groups will be expected to follow Covid guidance outlined in the link above and the SU Student Spaces COVID Risk Assessment

We also offer the opportunity for clubs and societies to host a stall in the union, usually groups use this opportunity for fundraising activities (e.g. Bakesale). This can also be booked in with the Union Reception.


Sports Centre Facilities

These are organsied directly through the Sports Centre by contacting Jeff on

Note: If not part of the Free Hours scheme, all SC facility use will be charged at £20ph (Mon-Fri) and £30ph (Sat-Sun)


University Rooms and Arts Centre

The University has a wide range of rooms available to book, click here to see everything that is available.

The Arts Centre also has a range of spaces available for groups to use. Get in touch with the Arts Centre directly by emailing 


Finance / Insurance
Trips and Travel


The Students Union has a fleet of vehicles available for your project to use, including a Minibus with disabled access. See the How to Guide below for all you need to know about Minibuses.

To book or discuss your requirements please email:

When booking you will need to send: group name, drivers name, date and duration of hire, preferred minibus size, size of group.

Useful links:


Bitesize Training


Click below to go to the wesbite editing and finance module bitesize training.





Join a Current Student-Led Project

Click on the project logos to find out more about each project and how you can get involved!



Need help?

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  Student Opportunities Officer
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