Club & Society Elections

Sports Club and Society committee elections will be administered by the SU this year. 

This is your opportunity to take a leading role in forming a sense of community in Aberystwyth. You will be provided opportunities to not only develop your own skills and experiences, but also those of your fellow students, all in the aim of making your student experience an unforgettable one! 



09:00 21/03/2022 - 09:00 25/04/2022 12:00 09/05/2022 - 12:00 13/05/2022


In order to stand and vote every person will need to hold membership to their club or society, and will also need to be a current student at Aberystwyth University. Deadline to obtain membership: 9am Monday 25th April


How standing works:


  • Standing will go live on this page from 9am Monday 21st March to 9am Friday1st April
  • The form will ask you for:
    • Your details
    • Which club/society you're standing for
    • The role which you wish to stand for
    • Then some publicity (often called a manifesto) of why individuals should vote for you in that role
  • You are able to stand for as many roles across as many student groups as you wish
    • If you stand for multiple roles in a group we will contact you for your preferred role in case you win multiple roles
    • Please note a single individual is not able to hold multiple core committee roles within a single student group


How voting works:


  • We will be using a software called MiVoice. This will use the roles available provided by clubs/socs and the details submitted by individuals who are standing [Standing: 9am Monday 21st March to 9am Friday 1st April].
  • On the day voting opens [12pm Monday 9th May] eligible members will be emailed a unique voting link generated by MiVoice; this will allow you to cast your vote for the committee candidates. You will be able to rank the individuals in order of preference as well as RON (Re Open Nominations) [Voting deadline: 12pm Friday 13th May]
  • It is important to obtain membership before standing; otherwise you are not eligible to stand. Likewise, you will also need to obtain membership a week before voting commences, as only members will receive a voting link.
    • Membership deadline: Friday 1st April 9am



Committee Role Profiles 



Committee Q&A




Committee Handover (& Handover Development Meetings): Saturday 1st May to Monday 31st May

Handover information:


Current committee will facilitate committee handovers from Saturday 14th May to Tuesday 31st May. During this period, the current committee should meet with the incoming committee to go over the roles; expectations, etc. The Opportunities Team will offering Handover Development Meetings during the month of May (with outgoing/incoming committee) to provide further support.

The ‘Incoming Committee & Feedback Form’ will need to be completed by this year’s President where they will need to give us the details for the incoming committee and provide us with feedback from the past year. This is mandatory to complete as part of your club/soc’s re-affiliation for the next academic year, and must be completed by no later than 10am Monday 23rd May.

All current President & Treasurer’s will receive their account balances/breakdown’s via email from the Finance Team in May, and must sign off (or query if needed) the balance prior to them completing their period as a committee member by Friday Monday 31st May at the latest.

The 2022/23 committee members shall take over officially on Wednesday 1st June 



Dates to Remember

  • Deadline to inform us of committee roles via Wufoo: 10am Monday 14th March 
  • Standing: 9am Monday 21st March to 9am Monday 25th April 
  • Deadline to obtain membership: 9am Monday 25th April
  • Voting Week: 12pm Monday 9th May to 12pm Friday 13th May 
  • Committee Handover (& Handover Development Meetings): Saturday 14th May to Tuesday 31st May 
  • Complete ‘Incoming Committee Details & Feedback’ form via Wufoo: 10am Monday 23rd May 
  • Club/Soc Account Balance Sign-off: Tuesday 31st May 
  • 2021/22 Committee Begin Roles: Wednesday 1st June 


Standing Form

Opens: 9am Monday 21st March l Closes: 9am Monday 25th April